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Use The New Wiki Tracker To Plan Your SEO Efforts

Posted by admin on April 2nd, 2008 filed in Tools
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If you are working on some SEO strategy and thinking about investing money into an SEO agency ,Text Link Network or any other Inhouse efforts, there is a new tool called Wikipedia traffic statistics tracker.

Wikipedia statistics tracker allows you to get an idea of how many visitors you’d get if you would rank in Wikipedia’s position.

Below you can see that the Wiki site “Web analytics” (currently #1 for web analytics) has been viewed 23485 times in March 2008.


Obviously Wikipedia has some significant traffic coming from outside the search engines, but you can get a great estimate of whether you want to take on Wikipedia in the SERPS or let them outrank you.

Maybe not accurate enough?

I haven’t tested it yet, but if you merge the Wiki data with some Comscore, Hitwise, Google Adwords, Compete and/or YSM data (Overture inventory) you’ll get a pretty good idea of what traffic you could receive.

The Wikipedia statistics tracker can also beused for various things such as a buzz tracker. Let’s take a look at Jason Calacanis, whoseems to have made a big impact over the past few days.

No idea what exactly triggered the sudden interest in him, but it probably paid off for his blog and his company :


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