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  • Here my personal ratings about Web analytics, SEO, SEM or general marketing books. I just set up this page, so don’t expect many books here. It’s just a small personal collection of books that I’ve read and recommend. Let me know if you miss a specific book and I will add it later.
    I. Web analytics demystified webanalyticsdemystified.jpg
    Eric Peterson’s book is basicially the wiki of web analytics. I use his book mostly to double check my Key Performance indicators (KPIs). It is well written and (what I personally love) it is perfectly structured
    II. Webmeasurement Hacks
    I really enjoyed the book and it pretty much gives you a great introduction. It’s less focused on the business side. Still a great read and reference
    II. Google Analytics Book
    I bought this book in order to warm up with Google Analytics. Unfortunately a few weeks later Google Analytics changed their interface. Still Version 1 is good to go, but I recommend to wait until Version 2.0 will be released. The screenshots probably need to be re-done in the book.

    For more books check