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As you can see I listed here my favorite webanalytics videos. I am still working on the page to get all the videos included so once more please be patient


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I. Ophir Cohen’s webanalytics classes

Lesson 1: Tracking and Logfile


Lesson 2: Javascript Tracking


Lesson 3: Cookies and Javascript


Lesson 4: Metrics:


Lesson 5: Pageviews:


Lesson 6: Metrics Discussion


Lesson 7: Metrics discussion 2


Lesson 8: ROI


II. Google Analytics

1. Overview:

2. Bugs and how to fake statistics w. Google Analytics


III. Poynterextra.org Eyetracking study

Video 1: Eyetracking study via Poynterextra.org
Video 2: Eyetracking study via Poynterextra.org

IV. Websidestory

1. Overview Websidestory