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People are moving online faster than dollars are

Posted by admin on January 30th, 2008 filed in Marketing
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Julie over at Venturebeat wrote a great articles about the “Trends in online advertising”:

The gap is widening between the proportion of people online, and the proportion of ad dollars spent online:
People are moving online faster than dollars are, and that will continue for a while (latest Comscore stats here). It’s still too hard to buy digital media ads, and too easy to buy millions of eyeballs on broadcast. Sean Finnegan, former chief executive of Omnicom Media Group Digital (more on that in a minute), says one challenge “is for a brand marketer to get a single or sequential messaging to the multiple touch points out there. That does implicate [people who create the ads themselves]. Agencies can no longer rely on that single 30-second spot [ad on television]. There have to be hundreds of iterations of it. Then you get into the buying part.””

Good times ahead of us? You bet…..but mobile advertising still seems to be not in anybody’s mind.

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