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Mozilla Analytics

Posted by admin on May 14th, 2008 filed in Mozilla Analytics
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Just read over at Michael Arrington’s little blog that Mozilla is working on some analytics / data collection service. Here’s what he writes:

“…data is one of the most important pieces to faciliate understanding (and innovation), and is also one of the most under-explored areas of the modern web.”…

- [Mozilla Analytics] Collects & shares data in a way that embodies the user control & privacy options which are at Mozilla’s core.

- [Mozilla Analytics] Enables everyone — from individual researchers and entrepreneurs (both the social and capitalist types) to the largest organizations in the world — to take usage data, mix it up, mash it up, derive insight, and hopefully share some of that insight with others.

- [Mozilla Analytics] Helps move the conversation around data collection and web usage forward, to help consumers make more informed decisions.”

This is obviously well written PR nonsense. The WebAnalytics industry is far beyond being the “most under-explored areas of the modern web”. Currently there are up to 300 web analytics vendors fighting to be better than the other 299.

Also I am not sure how Firefox, which is mostly used by a young tech-savvy crowd and not the average Joe, will be better than what Alexa’s engineers are working on over the past 10 years.

Well…don’t want to be pessimistic. Just wish them good luck, b/c I believe they need a lot of it.

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