Mobile Data Mining

Paul Barsch over at MarketingProfs posted a great article about 'Reality Mining": "In the near future, Dr. Pentland suggests the following can be “learned” from studying data captured from your cell phone:

• Your cadence may reflect your state of mind that day – are you happy, sad, depressed? • Through capture of location based data, it will be possible to “predict” places you are more likely to visit • Your calling patterns can help map your social network • Your physical activity (or lack thereof) could be monitored by health professionals via your mobile device. Pedometer anyone?"

Sounds scary and promising at the same time. Overall I am kind of optimistic that  reality mining might bring a lot of value to my personal life.  But maybe I am just from a generation that is used to get monitored and tracked wherever they are. Just today I unintentionally ran directly in the shooting of a new Disney movie right in front of my office.

Visio Stencils For Mobile Devices

After a disappointing search on the web, maybe you can help: Where can I find Visio Stencils for Mobile devices. I would not mind paying for it,

but does anybody know where I could find it?

Another option would be the import of Graffletopia stencils into Visio. Has ever

anybody done this?

Thanks for any help. Reward: A nice clean link on Web Analytics Book.

Mobile Web Analytics: Wapalizer Enters The Market

I am pretty much in shock when I see more and more mobile web analytics vendors popping up. By coincidence, I just found Wapalizer, which is the 4th company that enters the mobile analytics market within the past 3 weeks. I hope all these new very promising companies are lucky enough that Google, MSN or Sitemeter won't enter this market in the near future.

Mobile Analytics Wapalizer

Wapalizer's ability to pull stats looks very promising and as a free solution it might be interesting to a lot of people.

The Mobile device analysis above, shows me about 50-100 devices as the result f0r one single day. It also shows that 13% of the visitors use unknown devices. Not sure if this is the standard (there are a few thousand different devices out there), but I think that it's not accepatable to work with a number that could be up to 13% off. I hope Wapanalizer is working on that.

But enough typical German criticism: What's great about Wapalizer it's the resolution analysis. It's pretty difficult to design for mobile devices and an accurate resolution statistic is of incredible value:

Mobile Analytics resolution

The same I have to say about the platform stats:

Mobile Platform stats

Overall a great product. Especially that they keep it free for everybody.

Mobile Analytics - Bango Analytics enters the stage

Amazing how many companies enter the mobile analytics field. After Amethon and Mobiliytics,which both look promising, Bango realeased Bango Analytics. It provides answers to the following questions:

  • How many unique visitors did I have to my mobile site today?
  • What phones are they using?
  • What networks in which countries do my visitors use?
  • Which content was the most popular?
  • Which search term gives the best results?
  • What’s my total return on investment from a marketing campaign

Here one of the screenshots, that I grabbed (click to enlarge):analytics_sshot_tb.gif

Mobile Analytics - beta invites

Via Blog comment Greg from Mobivity announced the launch of their mobile web site tracking solution, called Mobilytics. Like Amethon, who also offers a mobile analytics solution, Mobilytics is going to be one of the first movers in this field. If you are interested in a beta invite, take the Mobilytics survey. I also will post screenshots as soon as I have some better ones.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics


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I've previously written about Mobile Analytics and especially Amethon, which is a Red Herring 100 winner. Amethon is probably the company that is the most specialized in Mobile Analytics, a field that the big web analytics companies kind of forgot.

Here an interview with the founder CEO of Amethon:

38 wireless devices added every second

Great article, that I just found via about the Mobile web. "Every second 38 new wireless devices are added in the world. At that rate, within 24 months another billion devices will be added to the 2.5 billion currently in circulation.

On another article, I read that has already more traffic on the mobile than on their regular website.

Pretty impressive and interesting to see where the world is heading to. I cannot wait to see the Mobile web taking over the  "regular web".

MojiPage - personal mobile page

I have met the guys from MojiPage the first time at the NYC Mobile Barcamp. MojiPage is a personal customizable start page for you mobile. After testing a beta account I am really impressed with what's already possible on a mobile phone. The next years will show if the mobile web will keep on exploding and sites like MojiPage will become important for any user who wants to surf the mobile web quickly.

Mobile Advertising Impressions

Admob is one if no the largest Mobile Advertising network. Today they published their November numbers and it's interesting to see how many Adnetwork impression they served.

  • AdMob Network impressions were up 4.5% November over October to 1,722,213,245. The growth was driven by Western Europe and North America.
  • Apple iPhone share continued to grow and we saw a strong first full month of iPhone traffic in the UK.
  • Nokia N Series devices showed strong growth in November.

Found vie Viooli

Real world tracking

I know people will scream "Big brother", but what Path Intelligence is doing is pretty interesting.: "Path Intelligence is a U.K. based company that monitors foot traffic in a rather ingenious way, through customers’ cell phones. Periodically our cell phones ping the nearby cell towers basically saying “Here I am”. Path Intelligence has built receivers that detect these signals and triangulate the owner’s location with accuracy of up to a meter."

Here a full demo 

I heard of companies tracking cars in parking garages or doing other fancy  stuff with intelligent traffic system (e.g. during rush hours).A traffic system for humans is a great idea, still I am not sure if privacy laws in different countries will allow that.

Well, maybe self-adjusting Walmarts shelfs are not so far off anymore ;-)

Mobile Web Analytics

Web Analytics is pretty hot these days. But Mobile Web Analytics is even hotter. I have seen a few attempts by smaller and larger web analytics companies, but Amethon, an Australian company, just got it right. Not only device recognition, but also on-deck and off-deck analysis are something nobody was able to offer so far. I am not sure how Amethon does it, but their 'wireline capture’ technology allows mobile web traffic to be analyzed without the need to 'tag' each page or analyse web server logs.

Mobile Analytics

Here some of the features and packages:

Mobile Analytics - Operator Edition supports both on-deck and off-deck analysis of mobile internet browsing which provides wireless carriers with insight into the types of sites and content consumed by their subscribers.

Mobile Analytics - Hosting Edition allows mobile site hosting companies to offer partitioned mobile web analytics to each individual site owner via web reporting interface.

Mobile Analytics - Site Edition has been developed for large mobile content publishers who need to better understand how their customers

Confront limitations. Exploit opportunities

As written before, I recently got more interested in the mobile world. This is why I was looking for a good book to start with. The mobile related books at Amazon seemed pretty much outdated to me, so I started digging through the mobile blog world. Luckily I found Cameron Moll's Blog and was happy to figure out that he published a book called "Mobile Web Design", which is exactly what I was looking for.

I did not have time to read it (just got it Friday), but due to the incredible mass of snow (1/2 inch) that came down in NYC this morning, my neighbor was so kind to shovel in front of my building at about 7am this morning. This gave me the choice of watching "How to make my first Internet million" on TV or read Cameron's book.

Guess what? I watched TV read the book! It's short (100 pages), but comes to the point quickly, which I like a lot. Besides all the great web development tips, a few things that I've kept:

1. The mobile web runs on a few dozens of different browsers, which makes mobile web development difficult (confront limitations, exploit opportunities). Additionally you have 400+ devices, which are able to run the mobile web. So stop whining about your IE7 / Firefox or Mac/PC issues.

2. The mobile web is here: "Yahoo's FIFA! Mobile site drew 5.3 million unique visitors and nearly 290 million pageviews at it's highest daily peak."

3. Location based services are the hottest thing right now.

4. You have four two options to offer your content to mobile users: 1. Do nothing 2. Create mobile-optimized content. [Your choice]

moible development

To summarize it:

If you are interested in the mobile web, get this book before you start digging through hundreds of mobile sites. Cameron explains a lot of different approaches to mobile web design / web development and gives you the pros and cons, which is something I couldn't find anywhere else.

The reason why Google won't win a dime against Nokia outside the US

Nokia's new ad campaign in China presents MC Farmer - the Founder of Chinese hip hop. This ad makes Nokia the coolest marketer in the mainland. If you don't speak Chinese (like me) it starts getting funny about 45sec in the video [flash][/flash]

I guess Nokia (70% market share in cell phones) and Baidu (70% search in search) are the biggest pain that Google currently has to face off.

Mobile Advergaming= another way to make you buy "great" products

It's tough to follow trends and the current speed of innovations in the advertising business. Every week a new adserver company gets bought (or funded), Facebook or some other social network launches a new way to target their user base,  a new location based advertising solution comes up or a new word like "mobile advergaming" is invented. Burger King is one of the first to start developing Mobile games and working on their mobile advergaming efforts:

Burger king mobile advergaming

"The company has opted to create games rather than buy ads within games because it perceives more brand value can be generated by creating better user experiences, the alternative being that it fight for shared space alongside other brands. "

My question regarding all these new ways of advertising is the following: When does the average human get tired of ads? When do we notice, that the viral video that we are watching is created by a company, that specializes on that? When do we understand that not only the Myspace profile but also the Facebook recommendation are fake? Is the "average human" smart enough to notice that they are just used to generate revenue or are we all so "naive", that we keep buying the products, that have seen and heard of?

The answer is probably yes. Advertising works great and the perception of advertising for the average human is so large, that it pays off to target people in every way possible.

I am not really surprised, that I caught myself ordering a cool Dutch brewed Heineken instead of a real delicious, much better German beer :-)

Mobile Advertising Tracking

M:Metrics has setup monitoring across 120 mobile websites which include some major sites, as well as some lesser known ones. The sites are measured 4 times daily to identify ads delivered. "

With 15 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers accessing news and information via the mobile browser, advertisers’ attention is turning toward banner advertising. However, before today, there was no way of monitoring the current inventory of mobile ads to inform advertising campaign strategies.


Using M:Metrics’ proprietary data collection technologies and measurement science expertise, M:AdTracker provides a much-anticipated glimpse into the mobile advertising landscape. M:AdTracker continuously monitors clickable display advertising from a broad representative set of mobile Web destinations, and classifies the data by industry, company and by product/service to reveal leading advertisers in and across market segments"

Nice. We finally see movement in this space as well :-) Found via Mobivity

Mobile Widgets- Widgets in Motion

At the Mobile Camp NYC2 I attended also a great session called Mobile widgets. The presenters were from Wirelessvisions and they started the session with a summary of Mobile widget platforms. Here a few notes (sorry if they are confusing):

- Existing widgets can be copied and distributed through mobile (e.g. Yahoo Go cannot be syndicated).

- Mobile Technolgy is based on OS MIDP/2.0. Open to third party maybe at a later point. WebWag Mobile / Opera Widgets, XML HTML, CSS, Javascript. Opera only S60 or Windows Mobile open to third party

Then the team explained Mobile Widget development and the issues of doing that:

- Device Screen

Often the problem is the Device screen ( typical 320x240 Pixel, little Ram, Space) There are two ways to approach this: Miniaturize or mobilize site's content.

- Issue Input mechanism Keypad, touch screen, trackball, keypad/d-pad all work differently and need to be taken in consideration

-Device support J2mE support is different on different mobile devices. Difficult to port from phone to phone testing on actual devices

- Site access from mobile device.

Currently complex mobile webadresses, that are not very helpful. Solution could be using a .mobi web adress.

-Mobile device detection

should be switched on. Still there are device fragmanatation issues

- Widget footprint Strip images to lower bandwiths consumption Strip CSS/HTML elements not compatible with device to lower bandwith consumption Cache or not to cache 9

- Media support No standardized platform for flash /video Current media support youtube gadget, sprinttv facebook portal.

-Wiget viral marketing Basic social networking tools myblog log reader roll widget Widgets as advertising medium Incentive to access content works great, Smartlink widgets Rockyou ad network / Widget trends Groupware awareness widgets Widgets augments as users views of the workplace with info about the workplace the location and ther action withn the workplace,

Chipin widgets for personal fundraising.

Rich from Clearspring jumps in and explains their system and how they developed a trackable cross platform widget (which is exactly what I need ;-))

Thanks for this event goes to all these guys... Alexis , Peter Nofelt , David , Dean, Matt, Marshall, Rich the guy from Mblox, Megaphone and another 180 people.