Sitemeter issue resolved

Sitemeter somehow had some problems with IE7 last night, but it seems to be fully fixed (Impressive how fast the Sitemeter team jumped on this on a Friday night).
Before blaming Sitemeter, people should read this article. Seems like Mircorosfts's IE 7 is a little buggy and is part of the issue.

IE 8 shouldn't have the problem, so use IE8 or even better, just use Firefox. Who uses IE anyways?

Definition of Visit on Sitemeter

I haven't posted about Sitemeter for a while, even that they are most probably the largest web analytics solution out there. Here some stuff you should know about the way they measure Visit: " SiteMeter does not currently track Unique Visits/Visitors. Our measurement is defined as a Visit. The basis of this measurement is calculated on a 30 minute time period, from the last page viewed (i.e. last activity seen).

As you are no doubt aware, a Unique Visitor is measured using a cookie (or other similar user hosted ID tag). This method permits one to measure hourly, daily, weekly, etc. unique visitors. You could even measure the number of unique over an entire year - which by the way will be an option for SiteMeter members in an upcoming new phase release. Of course there are limitations to this form of measuring traffic, not the least of which is people who disable cookies. "

Entire post.

Sitemeter and MSN Adcenter promo

I just saw this offer over at Sitemeter and maybe it is interesting for somebody out there: Sign up with MSNs Adcenter (for $5 setup fee) and get $50 in free clicks plus a free Sitemeter Premium account for 1 year.

So even if you are not interested in a web analytics solution this might be a good way to start with Adcenter. Also if you don't want to spend any money for a web analytics premium service this is an easy way to test their service.

(This posting probably looks like I am getting paid for it, but it is not the case)

Sitemeter released new user interface & functionalities

My friends over at Sitemeter released an improved UI and will roll it out over the next few weeks. I guess it is not official yet, but a bunch of guys broke the news earlier today. I will test and write about the new release as soon I have the official Go. ---------------------------------------------------------

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Here a first screenshot to give you and idea how it is going to look:

sitemeter upgrade

Update: The official re-launch actually happened this morning. I will get into details at a later point today.

Update2: An official statement from Sitemeter:

"Over the next few days we will be addressing a number of issues with the new site including optimizing the load times, getting the blog feed to update correctly, tweaking some graphs with the new stats and a handful of other minor fixes."

So please give the guys some time. They have a few hundred thousand customers and it takes some time to roll it out to everybody.

Update 3: Another official statement: "We are working on a fix to correct the problem with ads displaying within a premium account. "