Interview with Adam Berlinger

Anil Batra over at Webpronews again did a great interview with a webanalyst . This time with Tim Berlinger, webanalyst at Deloitte and Touche.  I especially like the part when Tim describes how he got into webanalysis.

When I read interviews like this, I always wonder what companies think of when they ask for senior webanalysts with 5+

years experience in their job description.

Measuring Podcasts

I am a big fan of Car talk on NPR. Especially during winter when my brand new Toyota Corolla (with 218.000 miles) starts not feeling so well. Unfortunately Car talk is always on air Saturdays, which is usually my lazy day. But NPR is great. They even have the show as an podcast on and probably But even greater is it to listen to an Interview [mp3 file] about measuring podcasts with Enrique Gonzales, User Experience Analyst, and Bryan Moffet, Sponsorship Operations Manager at NPR Digital Media. Interviewer is Robin Steffek from the WAA Research Committee.

[If you don't have time listening to the 30 min podcast, find here a summary.] In addition to the Interview, feel free to read my post about podcast tracking some time ago. 

Interview with Jim Sterne

I didn't inteview Jim Sterne, but Eric Enge over at did. It is a really interesting interview and besides all the great anwers, I certainly will remember the following statements for my work:

 1. Web analytic data is not precise, but as long as the inaccuracies are consistent, then the delta is true.

2. [The most difficulty for 2007 in webanalytics is] Finding people that can do the job

3. Microsoft has announced that they are going to be releasing something similar [like Google Analytics] in the May timeframe

4. Google Analytics and Microsoft can't touch the high end tools, such as Omniture, WebSideStory, WebTrends, and Coremetrics.