Who would you consider the best internet marketer?

Lars over at Webanalyst.info send me and probably a few others a question about who I consider to be the best internet marketer. To answer this it is pretty difficult, but here are my top picks:  1. Bob Parson from Godaddy.com

Who hasn't heard of Godaddy? It is a household name and even that I have only 2-3 domains with them, they always come up with a great upsell/after sale email- and phone campaign.

2. Markus from PlentyoffFish.com

Markus started his free dating site Plentyofffish.com only a few years ago. He grew his site as a one man show (not sure if this is true!) to one if not the biggest dating site in the world. With more than $1million in monthly Adsense revenues, he still  is "attacking" the big dating sites like Match or Eharmony.

3. Craig Newmark from Craigslist

I estimated the Craigslist revenues 2 years ago at about $40-70 million/year. Still Craig remains as the poor "David" who is fighting all the big Goliaths.

Who do you consider the best internet marketer?