Visistat Beta 3.0: Web analytics stats via AIM

IWebtrack launched Version 3.0 in beta. Here the new features: -  iWebTrack customers can schedule daily email management and SMS/text reporting as well as access statistic reports through AIM. As an authorized user, you simply send a command to iWebTrack over AOL instant messenger and receive instant, real-time statistical summaries in a matter of seconds

-   iWebTrack LITE is a lightweight version of iWebTracks web interface. Designed specifically for your Palm, iPAQ, Blackberry, cell phone or any PDA that is accessible to the Internet, iWebTrack LITE allows you to access real-times stats from anywhere

Good idea with the new reporting functionalities, but too bad that iwebtrack doesn't deliver screenshots for the AIM real time stats.

How great would this press realease be if they were the first "exclusive web analytics solution for Iphones".