Visistat 6.0

Visistat released version 6.0 of their web analytics solution. Key features include

- Notes, a VisiStat exclusive that allows users to insert sticky-style memos into reports to indicate key events, reminders, observations and other details - the launch of a new ad campaign, for example - to help explain spikes in traffic and other data events. - Stats API, which allows advanced users to take raw data and create custom reports through an API/String interface. - StatCaster Widget, another VisiStat exclusive, turns the traditional hit counter into a live data feed, displaying real-time visitor tracking stats on a website or blog for visitors to see. - Community Chat, an industry first, provides immediate access to the VisiStat Website Tracking Community for sharing ideas, supporting other users and providing feedback. - Page Grouping, which gives users the option to aggregate visitor stats for groups of specific pages into one report - an ideal tool for analyzing e-commerce products by category or providing ROI data for banner ad spaces. - StatCaster Ticker, a fun way to view the latest website activity in real-time. - Page Isolate, which now calculates page views, unique visitors, entries, exits and bounce rate, on each individual page per day. - Video Tutorial Library, part of the enhanced Learning Center, provides step-by-step, macro-level help. - Browser Filtering that enhances the accuracy of legitimate visitor data by filtering particular computers from being recorded - excluding internal visits to your own website, for example. - Global Bounce Rate, for a real-time, site-wide view of bounce rates. - Keyword Analysis that provides the ability to see the long tail of visitor searches and analyze how SEO is impacting the site.