Traffic in China

Finally some minutes to apologize that I haven't posted for a while. As written before, I went to Beijing...analyzing and optimizing some massive offline traffic. I was able to get them all in one funnel:


No.. back to being a little more serious:

My 2nd time to China was one of the best trips in my life (not only business wise). I definitely will and want to

get more involved in the Asian online markets. The US market with 300 million people is fun, European

markets wit about 500 million people as well, but the Chinese market is just so incredible untapped large, that

it should be extremely interesting and what I love the most: Challenging.

My first project will be in the Web 2.0 space and I already have a massive site to work with. I just cannot wait

to start working on it. I am probably as excited as the guy, who managed American Idol in

China (which ended up with an audience of 400 million people)