Tapefailure will change web analytics with it's "Most Average Tape" feature.

When Tapefailure launched in closed beta, I was a little bit annoyed, b/c I wasn't able to get a beta account. Luckily the founders acted quickly and let me sneak a peak. Today they finally launched officially and it seems, that they came out with a big surprise: player_minishot.jpg

The "Most average tape" feature let's you find out what the most common actions taken are. This means you basically can follow the average user and see how he/she surfs your site. It's not that you could not get this data before, but it would take a major effort to visualize it in a way that tapefailure does.

Tapefailure also allows you to view only the "top five" of the most average tapes, instead of all of them. Great idea and congrats for this great innovation. I will test it out  and post the results some time later.