Tapefailure beta vs. Clicktale beta

Tapefailure Tapefailure launched in private beta last week, but doesn't allow me and many others to test it.

Tapefailure lets you record your users' browsing sessions and play them back, just like a tape, as well as view numerous useful statistics about your users. Tapes can be viewed online, or downloaded for later viewing. Statistics include percentage of page scrolled, distance the mouse has been moved, average number of clicks per page, user sight focus, general paths, and numerous others.

Tapefailure could be pretty good and is pretty similar to Clicktale, which records users movements as well.

But unfortunately they did not let me take a look. Soguess for which service I am voting for.

Update: Just got an email from the founder of Tapefailure. They are actually still working on the product, which is the reason why the beta is still closed for only a small amount of users.