Speaking At The PMA Digital Marketing Summit

I am really excited to not only attend but be on one of the panels of the PMA Digital Marketing summit. I am not sure how much I will speak (there are way more important people than me), but I certainly won't summarize the latest news or promote myself, but rather come up with some highly valuable insights, that I've learned over my past 10 online years. At this point I am not sure how much I can write about it, but if your are interested in the PMA Digital Marketing summit (May 1st, New York City) visit PMALink.org.

What's also pretty interesting is the history about the PMA, which established in 1911. The members of the non-profit organizationnot only include Fortune 500 companies, but also top law firms. I hopefully will be able to hear not only digital marketing sessions, but also some marketing law (which is what I studied back in the day).