Second Life stats

- A survey by German research company Fittkau & Maaß asked 101.000 internet users if advertising in second life introduced them to new products. Only 12.3% answered this question with yes. The survey also came to the conclusion that about 65% of German internet users visited Second Life once and never returned. As an overall conclusion Fittkau & Maasses reports that it is currently not very interesting to advertise in Second Life. Most users use the platform solely as another way of communication.

-In March 2007, 1.3 million users used Second Life worldwide up 47% from January 2007

-61% of the Second Life users are Europeans

-62% of Second life users are male

- Every 2nd Second Life user is under 30 years old

-20% of Second life users are students/trainees, 8% are unemployed/don't work permantently

- Sweden opened as the first country a virtual embassy

- There are more than 600.000.000 Google search results for "Second Life"