Rumors: Alexa develops webanalytics solution

Rumors are growing about Alexa's webanalytics
tool, that seems to be coming out soon.

According to different sources the Alexa webanalytics tool will be based on Javascript tags and available to every webmaster. Alexa's toolbar supposely will show more data and act as a personal login gateway to the collected data. If these rumors turn out to be true, Alexa could become a serious competitor for the existing webanalytics industry. What makes me not believe these rumors is Amazon's, Alexas parent company, choice of webanalytics tool on their own site. currently works with high-end SAS analytics as well as Vividence. If Amazon had build a homemade solution, I would give way more credibility to these rumors. What makes me believe these rumors is the more and more competing webanalytics market. Hitwise, Comscore, Nielsen Netratings, Compete and others are fighting for a very lucrative market.