Ooyala Features Released

Since Ooyala, the video analytics platform saw my post, they decided to send me more info about their platform.

Really appreciate it when companies understand what web 2.0 is about...so..as a thankyou another post about their great service. Here are the key features:

Geo-Reporting: Country-level viewership reports allow content owners
to get a global overview of where their content is being watched.

Domain Reporting: Domain-level and syndication partnership reports
give publishers visibility into which partnerships are performing.

Customized Dashboard
: Personalized reporting dashboards bring the
relevant reports and data to the forefront of the application.

Engagement Metrics
: Viewer engagement reporting shows content owners
where people are losing interest in their content and/or advertising.

Analytics API:
Programmatic access to reports and data allow flexible
integration into existing workflows and systems.