Multi-Channel Analytics - predictions for 2008

Joseph Carrabis  over at predicts Multi-Channel Analytics as the trend for 2008: "One thing that's come out clear and simple is that for many clients web analytics is...umm...dead. If not dead at least not the be-all and end-all that it once was.

I realized that fewer and fewer (and in the past year, exactly two) clients are coming to NextStage and asking us to help them improve their web performance....

I'm not the first one to write multi-channel is important. I think I'm the first one to write that web analytics is a subset of multi-channel analytics and multi-channel will dominate. The allure of web analytics was that it was directly measurable...kind of. I'm still not convinced that what people are measuring directly equates to what people will do (predictability is what it's all about as far as NextStage is concerned)" Entire article here.

I agree that more and more large companies are interested in "multi-channel" analytics. Still I believe that the majority of companies haven't even touched advanced web analytics and the whole industry is far from being dead. I think it is kind of the opposite: The web analytics industry hasn't reached it's peak.