Mobile Widgets- Widgets in Motion

At the Mobile Camp NYC2 I attended also a great session called Mobile widgets. The presenters were from Wirelessvisions and they started the session with a summary of Mobile widget platforms. Here a few notes (sorry if they are confusing):

- Existing widgets can be copied and distributed through mobile (e.g. Yahoo Go cannot be syndicated).

- Mobile Technolgy is based on OS MIDP/2.0. Open to third party maybe at a later point. WebWag Mobile / Opera Widgets, XML HTML, CSS, Javascript. Opera only S60 or Windows Mobile open to third party

Then the team explained Mobile Widget development and the issues of doing that:

- Device Screen

Often the problem is the Device screen ( typical 320x240 Pixel, little Ram, Space) There are two ways to approach this: Miniaturize or mobilize site's content.

- Issue Input mechanism Keypad, touch screen, trackball, keypad/d-pad all work differently and need to be taken in consideration

-Device support J2mE support is different on different mobile devices. Difficult to port from phone to phone testing on actual devices

- Site access from mobile device.

Currently complex mobile webadresses, that are not very helpful. Solution could be using a .mobi web adress.

-Mobile device detection

should be switched on. Still there are device fragmanatation issues

- Widget footprint Strip images to lower bandwiths consumption Strip CSS/HTML elements not compatible with device to lower bandwith consumption Cache or not to cache 9

- Media support No standardized platform for flash /video Current media support youtube gadget, sprinttv facebook portal.

-Wiget viral marketing Basic social networking tools myblog log reader roll widget Widgets as advertising medium Incentive to access content works great, Smartlink widgets Rockyou ad network / Widget trends Groupware awareness widgets Widgets augments as users views of the workplace with info about the workplace the location and ther action withn the workplace,

Chipin widgets for personal fundraising.

Rich from Clearspring jumps in and explains their system and how they developed a trackable cross platform widget (which is exactly what I need ;-))

Thanks for this event goes to all these guys... Alexis , Peter Nofelt , David , Dean, Matt, Marshall, Rich the guy from Mblox, Megaphone and another 180 people.