Mobile Advertising Tracking

M:Metrics has setup monitoring across 120 mobile websites which include some major sites, as well as some lesser known ones. The sites are measured 4 times daily to identify ads delivered. "

With 15 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers accessing news and information via the mobile browser, advertisers’ attention is turning toward banner advertising. However, before today, there was no way of monitoring the current inventory of mobile ads to inform advertising campaign strategies.


Using M:Metrics’ proprietary data collection technologies and measurement science expertise, M:AdTracker provides a much-anticipated glimpse into the mobile advertising landscape. M:AdTracker continuously monitors clickable display advertising from a broad representative set of mobile Web destinations, and classifies the data by industry, company and by product/service to reveal leading advertisers in and across market segments"

Nice. We finally see movement in this space as well :-) Found via Mobivity