Media Management Analytics

I was just wondering how offline Media management can be transferred in a Web 2.0 and Analytics world. Media management is just something that has going through the roof since the media power moved away from a few selected, educated folks (journalists...) to pretty much every single person with a keyboard and internet access. But that's nothing new. What's way more interesting to me is Media Management Analytics. How do we measure influence, engagement, sentiment and reach in a Web 2.0 world? It has been tried by several industry legends, but even with great approaches and  tools, we just got a small grasp, but are far from getting the full picture. An Alexa number, the Google Pagerank, Google trends, Comscore, Hitwise... and tons of social media measuring tools such as Twitterfeel, Repdefense, Social mention....are so far just not good enough.

The entire Media economics field and the interrelationship between media, law and ethics are something that's just fascinating since it's so powerful and barely measurable.

Well..enough's really an amazing time we are living in. How boring must the communications experts industry be 20 years a time when they had nothing to fear, but a few journalists.


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