Loyalty is just a mouse click away.

The war between SEO gurus and PPC advertisers is still on! Famous SEO Oilman defended in his blog the SEO industry against recent negative statements from various sources. I am more than happy that he stood up and explained SEO to the "outside world".

Personally I was offended to see negative statements about SEO, especially when they came from obvious competitors or companies, which cannibalize organic traffic and sell it to their unknowledgeable customers.

If I would be the CEO of BMW, I obviously don't like Mercedes, but would I and the CFO trash Mercedes in a column of a car magazine?

With most of online businesses I got involved with, the truth is, that advanced SEO is most of the time the cheapest way to drive good revenues and profits. Good rankings can make PPC advertising obsolite and users tend to compare more and more.

Loyalty is just a mouse click away and any business owner that I know would prefer a free vs. a paid click.