And Domain Appraisal Scam

Time for me to change the name of this blog since I post more and more mobile and domainer stuff.

No...won't happen. Just two interesting stories:

Elliotsblog, which is  a well-known domainer blog, has a great article on, which supposedly had an $1million price tag on it.
Like Elliot...I highly doubt that. It's certainly a nice domain and link value is probably great, but $1 million?

Fake Domain appraisal companies are currently targeting I've put up a new domain for sale and within an hour or so, I had email stating interest in the domain.
The catch was...It wasn't Sedo's appraisal service and I was supposed to hire a specific company to get the appraisal (for $200).

I am not sure how they pulled my name and domain, but if you need a domain appraisal, there is a 99% chance that these two solid companies will be sufficient for you:

Sedo itself or