Is Alenty The Solution For Measuring Engagement?

From my own daily work I know that most media plans are not measured correctly and factors such as Visibility, Average Time Spent on Site or SEO value are not taken into consideration when it comes to buying /serving ads.

Alenty, which I called a tool that could revolutionize how we measure & serve ads, signed top movie portal Dailymotion as well as Havas, the 5th largest agency in the world.

The Alenty measurement system can be embedded into the banners and measure each ad-impression. It provides a consistent measurement of the efficiency of the different websites where the banners where placed.

The ratio visibilty duration/CPM is very useful to optimize a media plan. Results show that there is very little relation between what advertisers pay today and what they get. It shows also that visibility duration cannot be "guessed": it depends on a very complex combination of external factors, such as the ergonomics of the page, the user's behavior and the level of interest of the content in the page!

Do you think Alenty is the solution for measuring engagement?