How to use Windows Live and make it Yours

Notes from the Angus Logan's session "Using Windows live services and Integrate them in your platform utilizing the MS APIs." from Web 2.0 conference San FranciscoDemos - Platform - Enhancing a site - Resources

Demos: MTV IBloks - Virtual Lower east side Ving (Thomas Cook) - Maps Cortefiel - Video everywhere

MTV - Building a live messanger tool right into a Facebook widget. IM capability possible. Cortefied. Push content in datacenter. And MS is able to push the content (Silverlight Streaming) Ving -  Send map as main navigation and send it to friends ( and putting social capabilities in it)

-Find and Locate: Wrapped APIS are based around virtual Earth. Live Search - Identity Live ID - Contacts User data (Contacts / Photos / App Storage) - Notifications and Messaging (Messenger opened up) Alerts Agents -Infrastructure (Admin Center / Silverlight Streaming)

Demo of Backgroundmotion

Signle Sign On - 420 million Live IDs Social Graph 0 SSO to Windows Live IM capabilities (Javascript API, interact with messenger service) Mapping