Hitgeist - a business development / link development goldmine

Hitgeist Hitgeist - re-launched its service (former Alexaradar) under a different name after Alexaholic got in trouble with Alexa.

Hitgeist ratings are calculated by decoding the Alexa 5-year traffic charts averaged over three months, as well as analyzing information provided by Alexa URlInfo.
The Fast traffic is effected by:

  • Sliding 3-month average of a daily reach over 5-year period
  • Current 3-month reach average
  • Source countries of website's audience
  • Date of launch. Newcomers have more weight if their daily reach is comparable to other websites in selected country
  • Shape of a daily reach curve

Hitgeist is programmed by top developer Viktors Rotanovs and looks like a great tool for business and/or link development. With Hitwise you are able find relatively new and successful websites within seconds. You are even able to sort by countries, cities and subdomains. An absolute goldmine for online marketers & SEOs.