From access to interaction and integrated experiences

David Rivas, VP Technology Management Nokiasponsored session. Sorry for any typos

Mobile always connected. High value for new services. Over 150 million S60 based devivces shipped since 2002 Leading devices of all manufacturers Sold by 200+ carriers open to branded handset vendors to build devices open to developer community open to carriers and open channels open to S60 Product creation community

Using favorite internet services, true desktop browsing experience in mobile Evolution from audience or access to participant or interaction bBeyond Web 2.0, we see complete integratoin

Mobile is driving the definition of the internet - an increasing numbers of devices are making up the internet -the internet has evlolved from broadcast medicum to participatory one -Mobile brings personal context -S60 is the leading smart phone platform

Capturing, storing, consuming, sharing anywhere, anytime with S60. Connect with location Symbian , Open C++, Open C, Java, Pythion, Web Runtime based widget, Flash...

Messaging PIM Audio System Imaging Location

Weatherbug widget Connects with GPS on the device, load specific weather based on location, Forecsast, Satelite maps, webcam access. Easy to run with basic skills

Web itinery widget Get access on flights, automatically added to calendar