Coremetrics Introduces 3D Marketing Analytics

Coremetrics finally released Coremetrics 2007. Here are the enhanced features: 1. Marketers are now able to identify, for the first time, the influence of multiple touchpoints such as email, blogs, online ads, natural search and paid search over time, enabling them to allocate investment accordingly.

2 .The new offering enables marketers to simultaneously track the multiple influences that impact each consumer at any point in the sales cycle, drawing on Coremetrics LIVE Profiles, the industry's only complete record of all visitor behavior and cross-session activity. It provides unlimited insight into marketing campaigns along three dimensions: ability to draw new visitors to the site, nurture them along the conversion cycle, and trigger action.

3. The Spring release of Coremetrics 2007 also enables marketers to understand the impact of Web 2.0 technologies that require the ability to evaluate 'intra-page' activity associated with technologies such as Flash, Flex, and other AJAX-based pop-ups and slider bars.