Clicktracks webinar with Avinash Kaushik

I just spend a good hour listening to Avinash Kaushik's "webanalytics wisdom" and while I post this, he still answers questions with a remarkable passion. Here some notes, that I took:

1. Focus on Macro Analysis #1 How many visitors? #2 Visitors from where (goldmine URL's / customer intent)? #3 Visitors what do you want (critical few) ? #4 What are they up to?

2. Segment like crazy! Unleashing tips #1:CT Funnel's Rock (Website entry points, CMTB Content, Core Product Content, Cart, Checkout) Unleashing #2 Leverage the Long tail (SEO is king :-)) Unleashing #3 Be customer centric (surveys, lab usabilitiy, site visits, testing)

3. Other Stuff: - Below 20-25% bounce rate (exit rate) is very difficult to receive. 50% is more the average ( based on Avinash's experience :-))

- Clicktracks appetizer will upgrade their free tool with a few functionalities. If I remember right the single access pages and/or referrals will be shown from now on.