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Visual Sciences now officially Omniture

Visual Sciences, which also provided web analytics tools, was acquired by Omniture for $394M in a stock and cash transaction. The deal was originally announced on October 25th last year. According to Omniture, Visual Sciences employees will continue to operate out of its San Diego and Herndon, Virginia locations.

Omniture acquires Visual Sciences (Websidestory)

The battle is over: Omniture acquires Visual Sciences (formerr Websidestory) in a stock and cash transaction valued at approximately $394 million. That's a very interesting move from Omniture and we'll see how this will influence the high-end webanalytics market. I am sure this is more of a chance for other vendors like Coremetrics, Unica, Fireclick, Webtrnds or SAS Analytics to stand out.  So far they were always the underdogs and had probably only a chance of signing deals by offering a cheaper package than overpriced highly priced Omniture or Visual Sciences.

Visual Sciences Visual Site and HBXAnalytics nominated as "product leader"

Visual Site was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Web Analytics Q3 2007 independent report and also received the highest score in the Current Offering category. This category takes into account evaluation criteria such as metrics, dimensions and correlations; integration; and reporting and analysis. According to the report, "Visual Site and the underlying Platform 5 technology provide the most powerful data architecture and real-time analysis tools in the industry." In The Forrester Wave: Web Analytics, Q3 2007 report, Forrester Research had this to say about Visual Sciences Visual Site:

"Visual Site's ad hoc analysis tools remain the most powerful in the
industry, and predefined reports cover the data needs of most business
users. Visitor segmentation is also the most powerful in the industry."
"Experienced data analysts we talk to love the power of Visual Site and
don't mind learning its unique interface to harness that power."
"Overall, Visual Sciences HBX Analytics offers a solid analytics tool
with the cleanest, most usable interface of all products we evaluated."
" ... HBX Analytics provides a solid measurement platform, with one of
the most usable interfaces we saw. The product is well suited for firms
that don't have many specialized analytics requirements and want to
deploy Web analytics to a broad base of business users. With the
addition of an interface for power users -- HBX Visual Workstation --
HBX Analytics is also a good fit for firms that need a tool that can
grow with them as they evolve their level of Web analytics

Forbes chooses Visual Sciences

Visual Sciences, Inc. today announced that has chosen Visual Science for real-time customer analytics, Web metrics and interactive data visualization. will use Visual Site�s visitor-level analysis capabilities to analyze activity across multiple Web sessions, enabling the company to quickly adapt to changing visitor requirements and develop a lifetime view of its customers. I guess there is nothing much to add. Congrats to the VS team.

Visual Sciences Netratings settlement

Visual Sciences announced that it has settled the patent litigation between the company and NetRatings, Inc. Under the terms of a settlement and patent license agreement, the company and NetRatings have agreed to dismiss the pending lawsuits the parties filed against each other in February 2006 and have exchanged non-exclusive worldwide licenses to certain patent and patent applications owned by the other party. Visual Sciences has also agreed to pay NetRatings $9.0 million, of which $2.0 million is due upon execution of the settlement and patent license agreement with the remaining $7.0 million payable in quarterly installments of $500,000 commencing on March 31, 2008. In addition, in connection with a change in control of Visual Sciences an additional payment of $2.25 million would be payable to NetRatings and $2.0 million of the $7.0 million in ongoing payments would be accelerated.

That's a lot of money for Visual Sciences and I am not sure if this really helps Visual Sciences to get back on track with competing against Omniture.

Visual Sciences for Sale?

CNN Money and the San Diego Business Journal quoted Visual Sciences yesterday: “Multiple parties” have expressed interest in buying the company, Visual Sciences said in a statement released after the trading day ended July 12. The company did not release the names of the parties that made offers to buy the company, and said the unsolicited offers came “in recent weeks.”

Who might be interested in Visual Sciences? Yahoo ? Microsoft?

Visual Sciences Certified Professional program launched

Visual Sciences (formerly Websidestory)  launched a Certified Professional Program at its User Conference held at the US Grant Hotel in San Diego, Calif. The program enables clients and partners to receive in-depth training and certification on Visual Sciences' real-time analytics applications and will provide several levels of role-based and product-specific training curriculum which culminate in certification as a Certified Analyst.

Professional certificates are now available from Clicktracks, Omniture and Visual Sciences. I am not sure if they really help or just are a motivator for customers to attend the conference.

Studying Web analysis takes time and unless I get my hands dirty, I pretty much don't get much out of training/certification "events". Anyways...a certificate looks always good.

Websidestory becomes Visual Sciences

websidestorylogo3.jpg Visual sciences Yesterday CEO Jim MacIntyre officially re-named the company. Websidestory becomes Visual Sciences. Also Visual sciences shares surged more than 25 percent in after-hours trading yesterday after the company boosted its revenue forecast.

Out of a marketing perspective the re-branding is exactly what Websidestory needed to do. I am not sure how many people tried to find "Websidestory" by typing in "Websitestory" and ended up on a scraper page.

There was also a fair amount of confusion regarding Hitbox, HBX, Reportbuilder, Websidestory and Visual sciences.

Now it's all good! Great job VS team.