Lifestream Mouse movement with Mouseflow Analytics

Mouseflow Analytics is a fairly new in depth website visitor tracking software available. The amount of information that you receive through a Mouseflow report far exceeds the basic numbers reporting that you get through similiar tracking software. You will be able to see exactly how visitors behave when they visit your site, down to the movement of their mouse and the amount of scrolling they were willing to do. Here some of the functionalities: Replay a Visitor Session

When someone visits your site, Mouseflow Analytics will record every second of their viewing session (similar to Robotreplay and others). Once they have navigated away from the site, you can access the record and watch exactly what the visitor did while they had your site open. The live stream option will even allow you to keep track of a visitor while they are currently on your site. This feature gives you immediate information about how users are viewing your site and how they behave while they are visiting.

Heatmaps Provide a Visual Report

The visitor heatmaps are excellent tools for a quick overview of your site's most popular features. What a heatmap does is create a color coded image that shows you where people are clicking on your site. You may discover that visitors are clicking images that don't contain links, which may lead you to create a link on those images to keep customers engaged. You can also view heatmaps that have color guides of where a visitor's mouse moved and hovered on your page the most often. The heatmaps collect information from several different visitors and combine that information to give you a complete overview of the site's effectiveness. You can compare heatmaps from different time periods to see if changes to the site have drawn attention toward the site areas that you most want visitors to notice.


Viewport Feature Gives Visitor Scrolling Information

It can be difficult to gauge the impact of scrolling on your website. Most web tracking tools don't have any way to measure scrolling activity, so developers and designers have had to create sites based on their hopes and expectations rather than factual research. Mouseflow Analytics includes a feature that will give you solid information about how visitors treat the pages of your site that scroll. It will tell you how far down visitors scroll on average, and whether they bother to scroll at all.

See Your Site the Way Visitors Do

Mouseflow Analytics provides you with information from a visitor's perspective. You can look at load times on different types of connections and computer browsers. You will see how often visitors receive bounces instead of loading your site. You will also discover whether visitors spend time reading and scrolling on your site and the amount of interactivity that occurs in a general visit. The page analysis tools give you an authentic way to analyze your site's appearance and reliability from the perspective of someone visiting from a remote location. Once you know how the site is being perceived by others, you will have the power to adjust the site to meet the needs of more visitors.

Summary: Mouseflow is a unique product in the web analytics space: It not only records, but also lets you live stream user behavior on your website. A must-have for any data driven organization and a great feature set for most webmasters.

Thoughts About The Omniture - Adobe deal

I know that I am late to the game, but today I stumbled across an article at Venturebeat, which might explain a little further why Adobe bought Omniture for a stunning amount of $ 1.8 billion. Here a few reasons: 1. Omniture's incredible client roster (Walmart...) 2. Capabilities of track trends across the globe (and across the US) 3. Extended tracking capabilities for mobile, esp. mobile video and Iphone apps 4. Business intelligence for online shops, e.g. which products sell together, internal search...

Even that all these are great reasons, I am still puzzled about the price. Unless there was a bidding war I am sure the high-price has a few other reasons. I assume it has to do something with tracking flash or the overall "information" that Omniture collects.

Flash (owned by Adobe) is currently installed on more than 90% of the computers, but unlike in the online video world, it has never really moved to the mobile world. Mostly due to restrictions from Apple and Co.

However, I am sure that the next generation of smart phones will fully integrate Flash, which will result also in a new era for mobile apps, a market which is currently mostly monopolized by Apple.

So long story short: There is a huge potential for Adobe to offer full-blown flash apps including high-end tracking to marketers across the globe. On top Omniture's API's are open to a lot industry specific reporting system.

Financial Analytics

My obsession with analytics software is probably obvious (if you've read here a little bit). Since I always try to come up with new ways of doing things and getting new ideas,  I had a look at a wide variety of products, including more than 200+ web analytics solutions. However...sometimes it makes sense to look beyond e.g. at other industries. Recently I've checked out a few financial analytics software products. Most of them are high-end business intelligent software and I really liked what they are offering and I am sure some web analytics vendors can learn from them:

Oracle Financial Analytics:
Among a lot of great features, the software monitors cash cycles in order to manage working capital, collections and allows to control risk. It's dashboard also identifies channels of profitable drivers across  profit centers.  What I especiallly liked is the regional analysis, which in so many web analytics solutions often not integrated right (e.g. visitors, who visit a site with a Blackberry are usually identified as Canadian  visitors, since RIM is based out of Canada).

SAP ERP Financial Analytics:
Probably the biggest competitor to Oracle's software, but with some nice features:
Key performance indicator module, which supports popular scorecard methodologies, such as Economic Value-Added, activity-based costing methos and balanced scorecards (BSC).

SAS Business Analytics:
Predictive SAS Analytics claims to allow to make proactive decisions based on high-impact questions "What will happen next?". Since I haven't really looked into the software for too long, I am sure that the flexible framework is something that could be very valuable. Apparently their framework grows over time and is not a monolithic platform (such as the ERP solutions). I wonder if web analytics provider could make an impact by offering a solution like that. Some of the solutions offer APIs, but none really offers some kind of flexibility. The high-end products more or less integrate with email marketing programs or other 3rd party software, which is not really they way it should be. Again the growing mobile analyticsm market is something that nobody really was prepared of and solutions still have issues integration these different data sets.

IBM Cognos Finance:

Cognos Finance from IBM falls in the same category above. However, IBM-like there are always a few features that are unique:
The currency conversion feature allows to manage international exchange rates beginning and end of the month, average, historical and so on. Web analytics solutions especially are pretty unflexible when it comes to currency. Some of them are able to track the different accounts in different currencies (Omniture does). The different results of different country exchange rates usually cause quite a chaos within the roll-up account. Something that almost drove me crazy about 3 years back, when I tried to combine UK Pounds, Euros and USD within one analytics account.
Another feature, that I always missed in good analytics solutions is an advanced reporting functionality. Most solutions allow to create and schedule reports, but don't give the user the power to format and layout the entire report. Full formating and layout is something that Cognos Finance integrated. Especially with different KPI reports for several management levels it is important to be as flexible as possible.

Webtrends 9 - Back to the roots

When a company seems to be called out for underdelivering...it's even more surprising when it's back up on its feet and finally goes back to it's roots. Webtrends, one of the first players in the market,  just relaunched in one of the most interesting ways it's brand new analytics solution. It's the first time, that a large vendor simplifies it's interface and makes it usable to pretty muche everybody (instead of adding layer and layer of complexity). I think a big part of this effort comes from Alex Yoder, who took over the CEO position last year and clearly made a great impact.

Here a few highlights about the new functionalities:

RSS Overlays: The graph overlays data from any RSS Feeds on top of trending metrics.

Story View: Data that will automatically be transferred into Narratives Webtrends on Demand: Ulimited dimensions and measures based on any attribute.

Simplyhired widget re-directs to Malware


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Apparently this has been fixed.

Usually I don't care much about blog plugins since they are free, but what Job-a-matic,which belongs to Simplyhired is doing with Job-o-matic, their "related job widget", is not ok.

I installed the widget about 1.5 years ago since it was recommended by Techcrunch, Gigaom and a few other high-profile bloggers. The installation worked great and I started earning a few hundred USD, which was great and unexpected, but after not getting paid (you have to claim your money, no automation!), Job-o-matic looked a little suspicious to me. However...it's the internet :)

A few months back,  I suddenly noticed that the job widget displayed 3 related jobs in my blog sidebar. These links all linked to the subdomain as I agreed on when I signed up for the widget. In my case:  http://jobs.webanalyticsbook.com.

So far so good. But that's not all. Simplyhired got a little greedy and started to show their logo with a clean backlink to their own site (giving them the power of a few thousand blogs). Fair enough! Building backlinks is essential to survive in today's market.

But it gets better....the latest attempt to pull traffic away from my blog is re-directing the job links to third party sites such as Jobfox.com, a cheaply made job board, and to third party Simplyhired (Job-o-matic) boards...such as the one from Eric Perterson.

I certainly don't have a problem sending traffic to Eric's webanalytics demystified job board, but it's a cheap attempt from Job-o-matic to cross-sell traffic within their network (without disclosure). In Eric's case I really don't care since I am not really competing with Eric (and I am 100% sure that he's unaware of Simply Hired's tricks), but what leaves a sour taste in my mouth is that the re-directed link will be called out as malware by the Antivir antivirus software (see below).

That said...not sure if simplyhired will answer to this, but re-directing traffic to competitive job boards or re-directing to malware sites is something nobody should accept.

Bango Mobile Analytics Releases New Features

Bango, one of the few high-end mobile analytics solutions, hasn't given up the fight, but rather launches product feature after product feature.

Their latest release includes the following new features:

- High accuracy through privacy protected, unique user ID
- Track unique visitors no matter their network connection
- Particularly important for smart phone users as they swop between home & office
- Greater level of granularity, see campaign results hour by hour
- Advanced filtering and sorting gets the results needed on a case by case basis

Tig Tags - The Porsche Of Mobile Analytics

My friend Alexis launched a high-end mobile analytics solution, called TigTags. Since I am extremely busy these days, I haven't had a chance to review it. So far all I know is that it has superior device detection capabilities and it is 100% German engineered.

Anyways...if you are looking into mobile analytics,  QR Code analytics or NFC & Code tracking, you should have a look at TigTags.


Inlinks.com finally came out of it's beta version, showing the world how to buy and sell links in an editorial controlled environment.

Here's how it works:

Online marketers, webmasters and SEO's can now buy relevant links within context. Bloggers can approve or disapprove these links (and finally make some money out of their content).

For the users this means relevant links within relevant content, but without any popups or layers.

Long story short: Inlinks seems to be a great way to drive traffic without upsetting the users. It also helps with ranking in the search engines.

Even if Google is not the best friend of paid links, out of a user perspective I don't see what's wrong with links in relevant, editorial approved content.


Google Apps Analytics For Administrators

Google Analytics Apps has been secretly rolled out Monday. Not really newsworthy, but interesting to see how Google is utilizing their Analytics tools:

"Google Apps administrators can now have a wider range of Google’s Web Analyticstools allowing them to gain detailed insight into how users are working with Google Docs and Google Sites, according to a company blog post Monday."

Entire post here.

Mobile Analytics Big Hit For Unilever Brand Peperami

This is a guest post by Sarah Keefe - VP Marketing Bango Analytics

FMCG giant Unilever has published some interesting stats on a mobile marketing campaign they ran recently for their Peperami brand. The campaign allowed users to send prank calls to their friends and download ringtones and wallpapers of the Peperami “animal” from the Peperami mobile site.

You may, indeed, be wondering what Peperami is.  It’s a snack food that’s popular in the UK with the tagline “Go balmy for Peperami”. Peperami is in fact a 100% spicy pork salami that delivers a big flavour kick. Speaking from experience I can certainly vouch for this!

The campaign used mobile analytics to measure how much traction they achieved with the target youth market.  The site was launched on September 16th and already it has seen over 24,000 unique visitors with 7,000 ringtones and 3,500 wallpapers downloaded during the period.  Knowing the unique visitor count is very important as it provides an accurate measure of the success of the mobile advertising campaign and is a key mobile metric.

Cheryl Calverley, marketing manager at Unilever, said mobile was vital for engaging with a target audience of 16-24-year-old men.  The good news is that Unilever has committed to increase mobile marketing spend for its youth brands, having seen the high level of click-throughs from mobile advertising.  No doubt, we'll be seeing more of the Peperami animal!

Disclaimer: Bango Analytics is a sponsor of this blog. If you want to be a guest blogger, contact us here.

Mobile Analytics Is Calling You

I am sure that a lot of people tried to participate at Emetrics in Washington D.C. this year, but could not make it due to the uncertain economy. Still no reason to learn stuff: Below my shortened Mobile Analytics presentation. I would love to hear some feedback, so please comment.

"Mobile Analytics Is Calling You" At Emetrics Washington D.C.

Before I forget, I just wanted to announce that I'll be speaking in about a month at the Emetrics conference in Washington D.C.

It's pretty much the reason why my posts have been shorter than usual, b/c
I am putting a ton of effort in the presentation and all the material that comes with it. Additionally there is a lot of stuff going on at work, so I am pretty exhausted at night and have to prioritize stuff.

The presentation is called "Mobile Analytics is Calling you" and will take place the 23rd October at 2:10-3:00.

So if you haven't signed up for Emetrics...hurry up, b/c this conference is one of the few conferences that really sells out quickly.

Ooyala - Video Analytics Platform

Ooyala launched a new video analytics platform at the Techcrunch50 event and it seems that a lot of companies are using it already.
Too bad that nothing is written down so far and no screenshots are available. However check the video in order to see what they are doing:

Here also a sample of what they can pull:

It received 2666 displays
It was played 228 times
173 people watched at least 50% of the video
People rewinded the video when Ashton was talking about creativity in online video and when he talked about monetizing content.

Google Chrome And Web Analytics

While Google Analytics is not ready to track Google Chrome, GetClicky and others started to integrate Chrome as a separate browser.

But at this point this is not really a problem. Chrome usage will be minimal and won't really affect much website traffic unless users activate the incognito mode.

When a user goes in incognito mode and returns to the website, they will not be counted as a return visitor, but rather a new visitor.

This will obviously blurry accuracy of web measurement further.

Move Your Money Out Of Paypal Before Paypal Does

Just noticed that my Paypal account, that I barely use, got locked without any reason and Paypal kept the money, that was in the account:

"This account has been permanently locked
with a €0.00 EUR balance. All information associated with this account
has been blocked from the PayPal system and cannot be registered with
another account".

There are a lot of people that have been effected the same way, so if you have any funds in your account move them out asap.

They email recovery page is also pretty sweet. Shows an error.