Twitter Analytics Official. Almost.

I haven't really followed the various Twitter Analytics solutions over the past months, but I've heard rumors that Twitter is pretty close before launching the official Analytics Platform. Mashable reported the beta invites to selected users and even showed some screenshots, but no official announcement yet. Launching a Twitter Analytics Platform for me is the official start of the Monetization of Twitter followers and ultimately marketers have to take it seriously. I understand it is not for everyone (I myself have a hard time using it regularly), but if a platform touches millions of eyeballs and ROI can be fully measured, it'll draw a massive amount of advertising dollars.

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Tracking Twitter

I've been posting about Tracking Twitter a few times lately. Here's part 1 and part 2. Part 3 explains how to track Short URLs from Twitter.
Tracking short URL's could be relatively easy. You could use one of the trackable short URL providers. But what to do with the data when you don't have it in your web analytics solution?

Webupd8 has a great way of using a bookmarklet with an api. He was able to track clicks from short URLs within Google Analytics and it doesn't matter if the click comes from a hosted email app, email client and so on.

If you want to know how to exactly set it up, check out his blogpost. Well done!

Tracking Twitter

Tracking Twitter is probably the hottest new analytics topic out there.
Since everybody is using Twitter, it's time to have a look at it. Omniture's Sitecatalyst came up with an interesting way to figure out

1. How often your brand is mentioned on Twitter

2. At what time your brand-related terms spike (week/day/hour)

3. Who are the people using your brand and who are the people they are connecting

The way it works is pretty simple: Site Catalyst's Data Insertion API opens up to non-web related traffic such as Twitter.  Both APIs talking to each other make it possible to pull this data.

Pretty cool stuff, especially that this can be used to handle all kinds of PR efforts. Once more Omniture proofs that they are ahead of the curve.

You got to go on Twitter...

...that's the newest sh.t! Overheard yesterday after work in NYC and the person saying it, was certainly not a geek. Not only Obama "twitters", but also politicians around the world now heavily use Twitter to reach out to their clients voters. Twitter clearly has become worldwide mainstream by now.

Personally, I cannot warm up with Twitter. I am just so not important or interesting enough to share my life with everybody out there and doing it solely to drive traffic and get a little SEO out of it....sorry not convinced.

If you are in the same situation and cannot use Twitter intelligently,  maybe these sources will convince you:

17 Ways you can use Twitter (classical link bait article)

How I use Twitter to promote my blog (Mr. Problogger himself)

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business (Mr. Brogan)

Here's How I use Twitter (via

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I've already set up a Twitter account a while back, but never warmed up with it and probably never really will. But Twitter is more than just a tool to play. It's on it's way to become mainstream. I personally don't really need to post my nonsense on Twitter, but I'd like to do it for "research" and analyze how this tool might be useful.

What especially interests me is how much and what kind of traffic Twitter generates. I also wonder how the integration with a mobile device and Gtalk/AIM / Facebook / Friendfeed effects how people consume the web. Also how does a blog be effected by Twitter if my Tweets show up as a blog posting (curently I still have it off until I am more comfortable with posting Tweets here).

So...long story short: Here's my Twitteraccount:

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