Italian's Food Industry Still Betting On Trackset Over Other Tools

San Pellegrino, my favorite Italian water, chooses Trackset for the third year in a row.

Trackset, which one of the most beautifully designed Web Analytics tools,  is certainly quite happy and their hard work paid off.

With San Pellegrino, which is part of the Nestlè group, Trackset keeps stealing the good international clients despite the expansion of larger web analytics vendors, such as Omniture.

It's quite interesting to follow these local, but highly innovative web analytics tools. Especially the two online projects "Mappa delle Stelle" and "Fuori dal Coro" are two advanced online marketing efforts by a corporation in the "Food space" and the way Trackset serves their clients is quite impressive.

Congrats to my Italien friends......wished I had your weather here in NYC.

Trackset Keeps Ruling The Italian Web Analytics Market

Never underestimate the power of local companies: While in the US the big boys fight in a very difficult environment, their European counterparts keep getting better and better.
Trackset, Italian's beautifully designed web analytics solution, signed FinecoBank, the top direct bank in Italy and the n°1 broker in Europe.

Fineco will use two of Tracksets software products:
Trackset ConversionLab in order to monitor the efficiency of all communication campaigns and Marketing return on investments, as well as Trackset VisualPath for Web Usability.

Big win for both companies. Congrats to the Trackset guys.

Trackset - Web Analytics Made in Italy

Last night I was stunned when I suddenly saw  Trackset, a full-blown web analytics solution, popping up. Usually I know pretty much most of the advanced web analytics tools, but with Trackset, I wasn't familiar at all.

Well..this has changed: Trackset looks as beautiful as the Italians and it seems to work like a Ferrari.
Probably because it's engineered in Italy.

Trackset is built mostly for marketing purposes and big companies like San Pellegrino, Lavazza and Publicis use it for their marketing efforts.

The tool includes 4 major parts:
1. ConversionLab:
Optimize ROI by maximizing conversion for you advertising campaigns
Analyze the returns on your promotional campaigns
Study the efficiency of your communications compared
to the performance of your conversions
Indentify the strengths and weaknesses of your web pages
Study the visitor paths linked to their origin

2. VisualPath
Heatmap and Measurement of how far users scrolled

3. Admanager
Display Ad management and optimization.

4. Bidmanager
Keyword / PPC management.