WPP and Omniture Join Forces: Win Win For Both

One of the top 5 advertising conglomerates WPP and Omniture joined forces with WPP investing $25 million in Omniture common stocks.

This is an incredible interesting deal since WPP and Omniture can combine their analytics solutions and develop new products.

In recent months Omniture seemed to have lost a little bit of speed since other free analytics solutions, such as Google Analytics and Yahoo Analytics, moved into the web analytics enterprise space, offering features like advanced segmentation.

Overal I'd say this is one of the best moves that Omniture could do. The high-end market is saturated for Omniture and WPP probably never had the expertise that Omniture has. Win-Win for both. WPP will bring the high-end clients...Omniture the technology, experience and webanalyst power.

Omniture now on Google Android

As the first apps on Android rolls-out,  Omniture once more pushes as hard as they can to be one of the first ones.

Omniture Sitecatalyst is now available on Google Android. Sitecatalyst users can access their reports, bookmarks and dashboard for up-to-the-minute results.

I am sure this is quite useful for analysts, who travel a lot. For regular Joe, the webanalyst, it's nothing more than another game on their new toy. :)

60% of Hitbox Web Analytics Clients Transitioned To Omniture

Omniture announced today that 60% of the Hitbox clients migrated over to the Omniture Sitecatalyst platform. Nobody really expected much of a difference even that back in the day Omniture,who took over Websidestory, announced, that they will keep on supporting Hitbox.
It probably is never effecient to support and develop two different systems.

Overall people can say what they want about Omniture, but they have done pretty much everything right over the past few years. The only flaw in their entire company history is that they never released a simple but working free solution, which would have totally go against Google Analytics, Sitemeter and Co.

But the web analytics vendor wars are far from being over. I am extremely excited about Yahoo Analytics! plans. I guess Yahoo is keeping this a little under the radar, but I expect a full blown free solution coming out to everybody by end of this year (unless M$ is taking Yahoo over).

How To Hire A Web Analyst (Or How To Make One Crazy)

There are many great web analytics jobs out there and for companies and recruiters it became more and more difficult to find quality web analysts. Avinash Kaushik posted a while back about the "Top Ten Signs You Are a Great Analyst". The post made it's round and people all over the world left great comments like this one or this one or here. My approach of figuring out if you or someone is a good web analyst is very different,: I have described below my way of figuring out if someone is a good web analyst or not:

1. Set up the web analyst with an Omniture, Google Analytics....account and let the web analyst get familiar with it.

2. Let the web analyst know, that you need to know "ALL" the browsers and Operation System that hit the website within a given time frame.

3. Now surf to the tracked website with the device below during the time frame:

Interent fridge

4. Use this built-in browser:


5. If your analyst is able to figure out that you used a Samsung RH2777AT with built-in Samsung browser....than she/he is the right person to have in the office. If not..don't even think about it :)

If you look for a senior web analyst use the Samsung refrigerator internet table to make the test a little harder.

For a VP of Analytics position I'd recommend to add a few hits with this browser.

Omniture and Baidu taking on Google Analytics?

Interesting headline this week: Omniture and Baidu formed a strategic alliance: "“This strategic partnership with Omniture will enable advertisers to increase the performance of their online campaigns,” said Haoyu Shen,'s vice president of business operations. “By integrating our search metrics with Omniture, we believe online marketers will not only be able to measure campaigns but also improve conversion by making the end-to-end search experience more relevant. Companies tapping the Chinese market should now be able to reach customers more easily.”

This is very interesting if you have a look what Baidu already has in place: A full-blown web analytics solution that looks like well....pretty much like Google Analytics

So what is this all about? Why this alliance with Baidu, which already runs their own web analytics solution?

Maybe it is a Google Analytics competitor, that prevents Google from taking on Omniture? Maybe it's Omniture which runs out of "high-end" clients (they already signed everybody) and tries to position the company in the mass market?

Who knows. I certainly would love to see a "low-end" Omniture Analytics solution. I also believe it would be an incredible smart move by Omniture, which pretty much beat all but Google competition over the last 4-5 years and has nothing to fear besides the Google borg

Visual Sciences now officially Omniture

Visual Sciences, which also provided web analytics tools, was acquired by Omniture for $394M in a stock and cash transaction. The deal was originally announced on October 25th last year. According to Omniture, Visual Sciences employees will continue to operate out of its San Diego and Herndon, Virginia locations.

Omniture acquires Visual Sciences (Websidestory)

The battle is over: Omniture acquires Visual Sciences (formerr Websidestory) in a stock and cash transaction valued at approximately $394 million. That's a very interesting move from Omniture and we'll see how this will influence the high-end webanalytics market. I am sure this is more of a chance for other vendors like Coremetrics, Unica, Fireclick, Webtrnds or SAS Analytics to stand out.  So far they were always the underdogs and had probably only a chance of signing deals by offering a cheaper package than overpriced highly priced Omniture or Visual Sciences.

Gopple (Google & Apple) working on something big?

Nicholas Carr has an interesting article about Google and Apple taking on the rest of the world within "the next months": "At this very moment, in a building somewhere in Silicon Valley, I guarantee you that a team of engineers from Google and Apple are designing a set of devices that, hooked up as terminals to Google's "supercomputer," will define how we use computers in the future. You can see various threads of this system today - in Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, its dot-mac service, its iLife and iWork applications as well as in Google's Apps suite and advertising system, not to mention its vast data-center network. What this team is doing right now is weaving all those threads together into what will be, for most of us, the fabric of cloud computing. (This is so big, you need at least two metaphors to describe it.)"

Interesting thoughts and this might be true, but Apple with a 3% worldwide(!) market share and Google with a much higher penetration (currently worldwide about 37 billion searches) are on a different level in their company history. I also believe that a collaboration of these two giants won't dominate the market, b/c other large software companies (e.g. M$), the ISPs as well as the Telcos (which currently are on track of running the show worldwide) have other ideas than seeing these two companies taking on their market share.

I can imagine that the personal computer will be a "mobile" and currently Nokia and others run the show everywhere outside the US (e.g. Nokias market share is 50% in China, 70% in India). So nothing really to worry about...

Landing Page Optimization Webinar

Omniture launches a series of webinars. This one is called "Landing Page Optimization: Keep Readers Moving Down the Sales Funnel""This webinar features Dr. Flint McLaughlin, founder and director of Marketing Experiments, who will share five key areas that influence people's responses to landing pages, including friction, incentives, motivation, value propositions and anxiety."

The webinar is available at

Omniture Announces Genesis 2.0

The Genesis 2.0 Platform launched. It allows automated integration with Omniture Genesis data and can access new features such as auto-tagging of site content information, access to customer segments pre-defined in Omniture SiteCatalyst, and delivery of turnkey packaged report suites. Nice work by Omniture. More and more platform users can adapt the high-end solution.

World Disney selects Omniture

The World Disney Internet Group selected Omniture for its company's online properties, including,,, and

Somehow I have the impression that Omniture is gaining ground against their main competition. The really big media companies most often sign with

Omniture. But there is probably still enough room for all the other big solutions.

Omniture secures another patent

Omniture, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a new United States Patent (U.S. Patent Number 7,260,551). The patent is generally directed to performance optimization, and relates to online real-time behavioral targeting and testing systems, such as content targeting on Web sites, targeted ad-serving to maximize cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) revenue yields, the maximization of yields from search engine marketing and improved personalization search algorithms. Omniture holds now 175 patents and patent applications! P.S. Like Visual Sciences, also Omniture got nominated a "leader in web analytics" by Forrester research.

What a great day for all the big vendors :-)

Omniture Acquires Offermatica

Omniture announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Offermatica, a leading on-demand A/B testing and multivariate testing company. Under the terms of the agreement, Omniture will pay $65 million for all of the outstanding capital stock of Offermatica, including all outstanding options, warrants and any other rights to acquire Offermatica capital stock. Congrats to my friends over at Offermatica Omniture! That's certainly a great acquisition!

Omniture Certfied professional


Omniture introduces the Omniture  professional certificate.


At its introduction, there are two certifications around the industry's leading online business optimization software, Omniture SiteCatalyst®. The SiteCatalyst certification will include the basics of navigation, as well as various reports, events, and metrics. Professionals can best prepare for this exam by participating in Omniture University's two-day SiteCatalyst user training.

The second certification focuses on SiteCatalyst implementation and is a two-part exam that requires a technical aptitude for working with code and capturing relevant business data for use in SiteCatalyst and other Omniture solutions. Omniture University's three-day advanced SiteCatalyst Implementation course, hands-on implementation experience, and prior coding is helpful for gaining this certification.

This is a very good idea by Omniture! Now not only Clicktracks offers a certificate for professionals. I really like to see this, especially that Google Analytics turned me down last week, when I asked for an certificate of individuals.

Email and web analytics

Omniture Omniture and Responsys will host at the upcoming Marketing Sherpa Email Summit in Miami, 4-7 March 07

"The lab, Advanced Email Measurement and Integration, will help marketers improve campaign ROI through the integration of email with web analytics and sales force automation systems, with a special focus on using site behavioral data to individualize email campaigns."

I guess everyone can imagine what they talk about at this event. What is probably the most interesting part about this lab is the panel about "Office Politics-How to Get Your Budget and Email Best Practices Approved". Emails are extremely powerful and often they are a treated as the stepchild of the business. Too bad that I cannot be there, especially when Continental Airlines and others will participate in this panel discussion.

Omniture goes Japan

Omniture Omniture is on it's way to build a woldwidebusiness. After their acquisition of Instadia

they presented in Tokyo Friday afternoon.

Omniture officially launched Japan in April 2005 and accumulated already a list of more than 100

Japanese customers that include: All About, Asahi Newspaper,, Mazda, Monex, and Rakuten.

CEO Josh James opened the Omniture event in front of 250 people in Tokyo. Many attendees as well as my

friend Marc were excited to listen to Josh open the conference with a few words in Japanese. It clearly shows

that Omniture's team is ahead of the game and understands international markets and culture. The new

office in Japan (and Europe) are necessary to serve the clients in the appropriate way.

Omniture launches Discover 2.0

Omniture Omniture launched Discover 2.0 with a 3 hour session in the Nasdaq building at Times Square

Thanks to my friend Marshall, the Webmetricsguru , I received an invitation to Omniture's Discover 2.0 presentation in the Nasdaq building. Thanks to my wife and her snow drama this morning, I left my wallet with my I.D. at home and couldn't get in. No event and no free food for me, so check out Marshall's detailed report (now linked!) are the unconfirmed new key features: Real-Time Segmentation: Allows users to create and simultaneously compare multiple customer segments and key performance metrics to identify and optimize the most profitable customer segments

Multi-Dimensional Site Analysis: Provides visual analysis of site navigation by customer segments using color, size, movement, position and volume which help businesses to improve site design to drive an increase in desired customer actions such as: revenue, subscriptions, form completion, pages viewed, trips booked, etc.

Virtual Focus Group: Provides deep insight into the unique site experience of an individual customer within a selected segment to better understand their requirements and preferences in order to make changes in real-time site design, content and promotions to enhance the customer experience

Advanced Fallout Analysis: Allows users to dynamically build and analyze the effectiveness of online processes to more effectively improve customer conversion or understand content interest

Dynamic Path Flow: Helps interactively explore unique customer paths to optimize content placement and page navigation


Please check out Webmetricsguru for a comment from Marshall. I think this statement brings it to the point:

"But here's the tack: It takes the right people working with these products to get the most out of them."

Update 2: Also Craig Danuloff added a great summary of D2 with lots of images

Omniture acquires Touch Clarity

Omniture Omniture signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Touch Clarity for $51.5 million and stock options.

Touch Clarity, headquartered in London, England, provides technology that uniquely combines the most sophisticated advancements in real-time predictive modeling, data mining and machine learning via the on-demand, software-as-a-service model.

After my post yesterday about wunderkind webanalytics I was probably to early. This is a major move and shows where the industry is going: real-time optimization.