Iphone Adsense Tracking

Tracking Adsense revenue is pretty funny, but carrying it around is kind of crazy. Well....for us data addicts, now the newest Iphone app, which allows you to display your Adsense earnings:


  • Display revenue per day, week, month or channel
  • Content and Search channels
  • Drilldown to channel data for each date
  • Store history on your device
  • Secured transactions
  • Auto-Update on application start
  • Automatically switching between $ and Euro display

Found via Seonaut

Nokia & Segway Inventor Mobilize To Impact The Quality Of Human Life

I was hanging out at the Nokia flagship store in NYC last night...listening to the presentation of the Nokia S60. It was quite fun and a lot of Mobile enthusiasts were around.However...since this is not a mobile blog and others made a great writeup (see here , here or here), I wanted to post about Dean Kamen, who is an entrepreneuer and inventor, calling out all innovators during the event. Dean asked developers to think big about the opportunity to impact the quality of human life with mobile applications (and not focus on mobile gaming).

His presentation mainly focused about the effort to use mobile technology with the immense water problem, that will hit the world over the next few decades.

Apparantly the water problem is way more important than the oil crisis. Maybe the Powerpoint below will inspire you to participate:

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: design crisis)

US Mobile Web Traffic Could Finally Surpass The UK

According to Bango's company's data, the top five countries accessing themobile web via Bango in July 2008 were the UK at 19.35 per cent, the US at 18.88 per cent, India at 10.82 per cent, South Africa at 8.82 per cent and Indonesia at 4.08 per cent.

This month Bango expects the US mobile web traffic to surpass the UK traffic. I expect that many third world countries will skip the web and start with the mobile web directly.

Get Your Dot Mobi Right Now!

Paul Walsh, the Irish Opportunist, posted on his blog about the strange rules of the Dot.Mobi Mobile Web Europe Awards.
He especially criticizes some of the submission criterias and I am kind of on his site when it comes to awards, that have a strange smell of being biased (even that I am a big fan of .mobi).

Anyways...I think one of the results of his posts are clear: Google, Microsoft, Nokia and pretty much all the carriers, which all have a lot of control what the mobile web user can and cannot see, back dotMobi not only financially but also with events like the Mobile Web Europe award.

One observation webmaster and domainer can make right away: Get a .mobi for your brand if you want to keep your mobile traffic in the future.

Admoda chooses Bango Mobile Analytics

Admoda, one of the big Mobile Ad companies, has partnered with Bango Mobile Analytics to offer its advertisers key metrics to measure the success of their mobile advertising campaigns.Bango  Mobile Analytics enables Admoda advertisers to accurately identify, track and build a profile of each unique visitor, rather than simply measure the number of visits.

Bango's unique user ID creates an accurate picture of real visitors from anywhere in world, tracking repeat visits and enabling mobile advertisersto create a clear picture of buying patterns and trends.

Comeptitors of Bango include Amethon and Mobilytics

Iphone SDK Analytics - Geolocation tracking has arrived

Pinch Analytics just launched a hosted solution that brings the richness of web analytics to iPhone SDK applications. Pinch Analytics tracks the number of unique, active users, the length of time the application is being used, and, if enabled, the geographic location of the users.

Iphone Analytics

How funny that all the big tech blogs don't really see that this application is incredible useful. I predict that geolocation advertising and measurement will be the next big thing in 2009.

Mobile Analytics Technology

Eric Enge over at SEW wrote in his post "The Challenge of Mobile Analytics" about different vendors and their technology: "Packet sniffing. This approach relies on installing an additional server (the "mobile analytics server") into your Web environment. A switch is then used to pass a copy of the incoming packet data to the mobile analytics data, while allowing the same packets to pass through to the mobile Web server without any delay. In addition to basic Web data, you can get information on handset resolution, the mobile operator, handset type, and browser type. Australian based Amethon uses this approach.

Page tagging. Instead of tagging the page with JavaScript, use a different type of page tag such as a snippet of code on the Web site. This permits a rich array of data to be collected as well, and is the method used by Mobilytics a mobile analytics provider that does not charge for its service, but provides it in return for your putting a small ad on your site.

Site redirection. This method relies on traffic being redirected through a different server, and then redirected back to the mobile Web server. This also allows for the collection of a rich set of analytics data, similar to what you get with packet sniffing. This approach is used by Bango."

    Really great post. I've talked to some mobile engineers and there is still a lot of research necessary, especially that new devices come out every week.

    Analysis Of Device Model Populations

    Mobile Analytics, Mobile Analytics and Mobile Analytics. It’s in everybody’s ears but it seems advertisers are not ready to jump on it yet(!) (at least that’s what the NY Adclub says).

    James Pearce over at the blog  wrote about their approach of one- and two-dimensional analysis of device model populations.

    Here some sample data of their efforts:


    But that’s not all. According to James there is more to do:

    “…. No doubt we need to support user-defined filters on the dataset presented, such as geographic market. And we'd love to be able to weight the values' populations based on the popularity of real devices too (so that rarer, legacy devices don't mislead the eye).”


    I have to admit: I love technology and new innovative stuff that is just better than what we currently use makes me as excited as standing for 2 seconds on a real surfboard. The excitement about technology is probably also the reason why I love a lot of things around web analytics, mobile development and/or virtual worlds. There is just so much room for innovation. Google launched the Android Developer Challenge a few weeks ago and one of the top 50 application is AndroidScan. Androidscan can process pictures of barcodes into valuable information. But hey...just check out the demo. Like the killer maps, AndroidScan that Jeffrey developed is just amazing!


    Mobile Stats On Your Mobile

    Not sure how many mobile analytics articles I have posted on this blog, but it kind of gets bizarre to see so many mobile analytics vendors pop up all over the place. Do these vendors really believe that they will be the next Sitemeter or Google Analytics for the mobile web or is it just the technology that is kind of easy to develop which makes so many developers jump on that boat? I am sure that Avinash, the evangelist of Google Analytics, and other high-profile analytics folks are following the trend and they are ready to launch products that will satisfy their clients needs before some new mobile analytics solution receives enough traction to become a serious competitor.

    Anyways: Mobile Stats is the latest mobile analytics solution that I've heard about. It tracks all kinds of stuff and like Visistat it has the ability to display your stats on your mobile, so you can follow your mobile traffic anywhere and anytime.


    Mobile Wireframes And Stencils

    As mentioned before I am currently developing a mobile strategy and I was looking to find wireframes and  stencils in order to come up with something that makes sense. It was an unsuccessful search until I saw that Graffletopia offered it here. The problem is: I am the stupid Microsoft guy and Omnigraffle only runs on Macs.

    Darn...can the information architect community please use Visio one of these days? Or should I steal my wife's Mac, which probably will crash if I install Omnigraffle.

    Adsense mobile partnering with Doubleclick Mobile

    Interesting news today that pretty much nobody really cared about: "As of today, AdSense for mobile content publishers who have configured their sites to display mobile image ads can now have ads served to their sites from DoubleClick Mobile. This means more advertisers for AdSense for mobile content publishers, more inventory for DoubleClick Mobile advertisers, and more ad relevance for browsers of the mobile web."

    Google is pushing the pace in Mobile advertising. I expect them, Yahoo or MSN to announce an acquisition of Admob, which just launche a Mobile Analytics solution in the near future as well.

    From Web 2.0 to World 2.0

    Notes from Web 2.0 conference in SFO. A lot of typos, but maybe you can get something out of it. I. Where, when,who and what GPS (lat, long) WoEids Place IDs / Open IDs/ Opensocial, Network Time, UPCs, RFIDs Semantic Web -  Case study: Face Recognition Signal to Symbol Problems e.g. Sensory gap (Gap between how an object appears and what it is, Different images of same object can appear dissimilar,) Image analysis alone (PC on image content) only 43% accuracy. Context analysis 50% Demo: Zonetag Photos (nokia 360 phones / Motorola) Demo: Tagmaps.Day Explorer/ Night Explorer / Trip explorer

    II. Reinventing Mobile Communication - Awareness leads to connection - People-centrics not channel centric - Open aggregation (produce in one place, publish anywhere) - Uniquely mobile

    Demo: Yahoo One connect (fully location aware) All your contacts across your networks. - threaded conversations - SMS support - open - real-time status updateds - photos, links and more - nearby contacts - ad hoc networking / local pulse - Proximity alerts by person /group / around your location

    From "strings to things" - Extract and bookmar typed entities - Bookmark information objects and eal world entities Updates for anything - From RSS and from entites that do not have RSS - Open aggregation

    Preview: Yahoo onePlace(this summer): Put everything in one place Import different content as well as Facebook / Myspace ..content. Smart bookmarks Abality to get pulse (updates) Filters by proximity /local events/ points of interest Enable open system for billions of users

    Yahoo widget platform the blueprint for many phones :) Yahoo's mobile language. See Blueprint developers guide

    From access to interaction and integrated experiences

    David Rivas, VP Technology Management Nokiasponsored session. Sorry for any typos

    Mobile always connected. High value for new services. Over 150 million S60 based devivces shipped since 2002 Leading devices of all manufacturers Sold by 200+ carriers open to branded handset vendors to build devices open to developer community open to carriers and open channels open to S60 Product creation community

    Using favorite internet services, true desktop browsing experience in mobile Evolution from audience or access to participant or interaction bBeyond Web 2.0, we see complete integratoin

    Mobile is driving the definition of the internet - an increasing numbers of devices are making up the internet -the internet has evlolved from broadcast medicum to participatory one -Mobile brings personal context -S60 is the leading smart phone platform

    Capturing, storing, consuming, sharing anywhere, anytime with S60. Connect with location Symbian , Open C++, Open C, Java, Pythion, Web Runtime based widget, Flash...

    Messaging PIM Audio System Imaging Location

    Weatherbug widget Connects with GPS on the device, load specific weather based on location, Forecsast, Satelite maps, webcam access. Easy to run with basic skills

    Web itinery widget Get access on flights, automatically added to calendar

    Mobile Content Consumption

    'M:Metrics published the latest numbers of mobile web usage and here are the results: M:Metrics found that a staggering 30.9 percent of iPhone owners watched mobile TV or video, versus a 4.6 market average, and more than double the rate for all smartphone users. Usage of social networking is also popular among iPhone users: 49.7 percent accessed a social networking site in January, nearly twelve times the market average. Twenty percent of iPhone owners accessed Facebook, one of the first Web properties to customize its content for the iPhone, versus 1.5 percent of the total mobile market.

    “This data indicates that the iPhone’s widgets are and effective means to drive mobile content consumption,” observed Donovan. “Two featured widgets, YouTube and Google Maps are extremely popular among iPhone users: 30.4 percent accessed YouTube and 36 percent used Google Maps. In comparison, only one percent of all mobile subscribers accessed YouTube and 2.6 percent checked out Google Maps.”

    Interesting to see that the Iphone opened up the mobile web to the masses. Still the mobile phone traffic is dominated by other devices.

    Time for Google to enter the market with Samsung. I am really not sure why Nokia is not coming up with a cheap Iphone clone...