Microsoft Analytics Shutting Down

Microsoft just announced that they will shut down their Microsoft Analytics platform. The ax will fall  December 31st 2009 and Microsoft plans to re-direct existing clients to services like Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics and others. After swapping out Ian, the smart lead person of the product last year, this doesn't really come to a surprise to me. The entire product wasn't thought through or planned out. Even the existing version still had and has major issues and was always released with major delays.

Last flaw, which personally bothered me, was the upgrade to a version, which runs solely on MS Silverlight.  Overall it's really unfortunate to see Microsoft dropping another promising product. Especially since it was connected directly with MS's Adcenter.

Microsoft Analytics Beta 2

Ian announced is on his blog and I also received an invite for my Adcenter account: Microsot Analytics got released in Beta 2. Here some of the functionalities:

  • Free analytics-only account. We listened to the customer feedback and have removed the $5 adCenter sign up fee.
  • New tool for auto-tagging your web site
  • Commerce ROI reports
  • 3rd party paid search campaign import for Google and Yahoo! paid search campaigns
  • Campaign timeline report
  • Tree-map reports for Traffic and Inbound referrals
  • Age-Gender composite segment
  • Domain white-listing (only data from domains you specify are included in reports)
  • Visitor loyalty metrics (depth & length of visit, frequency, loyalty, new versus returning visitors)

More over at

Gatineau Wordpress Plugin

Just saw that Joost developed a Wordpress plugin for Gatineau, Microsofts Analytics solution. The plugin let's you automatically tag all the sites. You also can do this by adding the Gatineau script in the sidebar of your blog.

If you like the free plugin, please vote for Joost here. He is really an exceptional developer with great I believe that he really deserves it.

Microsoft Analytics ( Gatineau ) job offer

If you are deeeeeep into web analytics and are ambitous to play in the top analytics league, look into this amazing job offer for Microsofts new Gatineau product: Microsoft Product Manager for Microsoft Analytics (Gatineau). 

Lead a cross-functional team made up of world-class engineers, client services, business operations, legal, privacy and product marketers to develop the vision and business strategy for Microsoft APS’s Analytics platform -     Author market requirements documents and publish an annual product roadmap, updating quarterly based on business performance, industry trends and market feedback -     Articulate the Analytics product roadmap to key customers and partners, and aggregate industry feedback in a form that is actionable for development -     Drive long-range, multi-release planning for Microsoft’s Analytics platform and products -     Develop viable business models for Analytics products and investments. Analyze the impact of Analytics on Microsoft’s revenue streams Qualifications The successful product manager will have a good combination of strategy and execution skills that enables them to discover simple, elegant solutions to complex problems and manage several projects simultaneously. The right candidate will be a highly-motivated self-starter with: -     5+ years of online product management experience, preferably in the web analytics or online advertising industry -     An analytical mindset, with the ability to think strategically and execute successfully. This will be demonstrated by a track record of creating product strategies or visions, winning support for your ideas from senior management and bringing products to market -     Experience creating financial models and product requirements documents, and leading large, cross-functional teams -     The ability to synthesize large amounts of information into crisp, coherent, actionable recommendations based on compelling, data-driven arguments -     Excellent influence, persuasion and motivation skills that span presentations to large internal and external audiences, 1:1 meetings with key stakeholders and written communication. Projects will demand effective partnering and working relationships with customers, industry partners, senior executives, technical leaders, and other product & marketing groups within Microsoft. -     A track record of delivering differentiated products with clear customer value propositions -     The ideal candidate will have a deep knowledge of the web analytics and online advertising industry, including relevant product management experience -     BA/BS required. MBA preferred.

More info at Ian's blog

Microsoft Analytics Gatineau screenshots

I've testet Microsoft Analytics a little bit and I start liking it more and more. The inteface is clean and easy to use and after two weeks testing some numbers who up. Here a few screenshots , that give you an idea about how Gatineau looks like. I will post more later.


The dashboard looks a little weird, but after two weeks, there is just not enough data to display it right.  Overall I like the different approach.

Microsoft Analytics Gatineau

Language view:

Gatineau breakdown languages

Screen resolution:

screen resolution languages

Microsoft Gatineau beta not working for me

I got the beta invite to Microsoft Analytics Gatineau today, but it doesn't seem to work. Besides that I've spend $5 for the creation of the Adcenter account :-). It seems, that the promo code doesn't work. Darn.....Microsoft is really torturing me. It's been a few months since we hear from the great functionalities and all I get is this:



Microsoft adCenter is experiencing problems

We're sorry, but adCenter is experiencing a problem that prevents it from continuing. Information

that can help resolve the problem is now being sent to the adCenter site maintenance team.

You can return to the Microsoft adCenter sign-in page now, or sign in again later.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. Return to the Microsoft adCenter sign-in page.


It's working now. Make sure that you use the same email adress for your invite for the login or you'll receive an error message like me:

Statistics have not been collected for this profile. Please confirm that the webpage-tracking scripts have been implemented. :-)

Microsoft Gatineau beta public

Just got the info from Microsoft. Gatineau beta is live!

Microsoft adCenter

Thank you for expressing interest in our new web analytics service, code named: Microsoft "Gatineau." With the Gatineau beta, you can learn more about where your website visitors come from and easily measure your marketing campaigns. Features include:

  • Click and visitor tracking
  • Marketing campaign reporting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Demographic and geographic segmentation
  • Paid and natural search analysis

Get started today Follow these instructions to get started with the Gatineau beta today."

Google's Urchin updated, M$ Gatineau still not launched

So here's the news: According to different sources, Google's Urchin solution is supposed to be "updated" today at the Emetrics

conference (see live blogging over at Webmetricsguru).

According to some of my sources also Microsoft Gatineau was expected to launch in private beta as well

(beginning of this month), but they haven't rolled it out yet.

Seems like Google is pushing the pace again and it should be interesting to see where Urchin will be in the

next few months  years. From letting Urchin die up to an Omniture competitor, I guess everything is possible.

Rumors: Gatineau beta to launch October 2007

Gatineau, Microsoft's Analytics solution, has been demoed by Ian Thomas about 2 weeks ago in Bruxelles. You can find first screenshots of Gatineau here. Over the last few months, several people telling me that Gatineau will launch this year (preferred date Aug/Sept 07). Now another source emailed me, that October 07 will definitely be the official beta release date. So if you want to be one of the first onces, hurry up and sign up for the beta account here. Remember to sign up with the same email address, that you used for MSN Adcenter. Otherwise visit MSN Adcenter and sign up before.

Microsoft Analytics (Gatineau's) first screenshots

Yesterday Ian Thomas, the head behind Microsoft's new Analytics tool presented the first time Gatinaeu in Bruxells. Gatineau looks like it covered all the features, that are included in Google Analytics. Additionally there will be some pretty cool features: Treemap:

Gatineau Treemap

Segmentation (by gender/age):Gatineau Segmentation

According to Blognation , Ian announced, that more features will be included in Gatineau, but wasn't specific about it. So far it's hard to say if a switch from another solution to Gatineau will be worth it. I am also very interested in the accuracy of the gender/age data. I now that Microsoft gets this information from users' Live ID (formerly known as Microsoft Passport) profiles. I guess time will tell.

Microsoft Gatineau will officially be demoed in Bruxells - Sept. 14th

X2 and Eric T. Peterson decided to team up for an Web Analytics Day  to take place in Brussels Sept. 14th. The agenda looks pretty interesting, but what is great about this day is the offical first Demo of Microsoft Gatineau, which is Microsofts new Analytics solution.

Gatineau is still a big secret and even that people (incl. me) signed up for the private beta, not much happened.

In order to view a few Gatineau screenshots, click here.

Gatineau beta request form live

Ian Thomas posted in his blog, that Microsoft has setup a new beta request form for the new Microsoft Analytics tool, Gatineau. So if you want to be a beta tester, sign up for Microsoft Adcenter ($5 signup fee) and use the same email address to fill out the Gatineau beta request form her.

If you already are an Adcenter user, just use your Adcenter emailadress for the request form.

Microsoft Analytics launched survey trying to find the killer feature for Gatineau

Gatineau - SitemeterNot sure what I or Microsoft's legal department should think about Microsoft's Analytics team bidding on brands of competitors, but it certainly isn't gentlemen like and it really surprised me today. Of course it is not condemnable to use surveys to "crowdsource" some info before an important launch of a new product, but if you read some of their survey questions below, it is clear that they still haven't found the "killer feature" to compete with Google Analytics, Sitemeter and Co.

Here some of the questions:

1. What Web analytics services does your business utilize? (check all that apply). Answers: ClickTracks, CoreMetrics, DeepMetrix , Google Analytics, Omniture, VisiStat, WebTrends, WebSideStory, Other (please specify)

2. How would you describe your use of Web analytics services? Answers: I look at the executive summaries, I look at a few key reports, I look at a wide range of reports ('power user'), I administrate it for my organization but don't use reports Other (please specify)

3. What new feature or features would you most like to see in your analytics system and why? Answer Formfield

4. If you could change an existing feature in your analytics system, which one would you change and how?

5. Which best describes your single biggest complaint with your current Web analytics service?

6. What questions does your current Web analytics service not answer for you?