Social Media online seminar

Once more Clicktracks web analytics host an online seminar co-presented by Matt Bailey (Sitelogic) and Jennifer Laylock (Search Engine Guide) on social media and its impact upon marketing, media and PR approaches.

The dates for the two seminars are: Mon Mar 26th 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm UK Tue Mar 27th 7:00 am PT / 10:00 am ET / 3:00 pm UK

The courses are free. Sign up by visiting the Clicktracks seminar page

Clicktracks release Version 6.5

Clicktracks Clicktracks releases version 6.5 with new features

New features are:

- Performance Increases: ClickTracks overnight processing speed is improved multifold through use of a new statistical caching algorithm

- KPI Report: Graph Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a timeline for over a dozen metrics and unlimited segments

- Data Dissection Report: Sort cross tab performance statistics for unlimited visitor types and website variables

- Click Fraud Detection: Use historical inner-site statistical analysis to single out suspicious ads and ads that are victims of click fraud

- Time Splits: Analyze web site updates by visually comparing the old site to the new site

- Site Archiver: Capture entire web sites for future analysis and performance comparisons

- A/B Splits: Visually compare visitor behaviour and marketing performance on different versions of your site.

- Browser-based Reporting: Access your web analytics from anywhere you have an internet connection

- Internal Search Analysis: Analyze visitor intent through keyword searches used within your site.

Clicktracks webinar with Avinash Kaushik

I just spend a good hour listening to Avinash Kaushik's "webanalytics wisdom" and while I post this, he still answers questions with a remarkable passion. Here some notes, that I took:

1. Focus on Macro Analysis #1 How many visitors? #2 Visitors from where (goldmine URL's / customer intent)? #3 Visitors what do you want (critical few) ? #4 What are they up to?

2. Segment like crazy! Unleashing tips #1:CT Funnel's Rock (Website entry points, CMTB Content, Core Product Content, Cart, Checkout) Unleashing #2 Leverage the Long tail (SEO is king :-)) Unleashing #3 Be customer centric (surveys, lab usabilitiy, site visits, testing)

3. Other Stuff: - Below 20-25% bounce rate (exit rate) is very difficult to receive. 50% is more the average ( based on Avinash's experience :-))

- Clicktracks appetizer will upgrade their free tool with a few functionalities. If I remember right the single access pages and/or referrals will be shown from now on.

Clicktracks wins product of the year award

Clicktracks Clicktracks wins a 2006 Product of the Year Award
from Small Business Technology Magazine

The Product of the Year Awards program recognizes outstanding technology products that improve key functions in a small business, such as business operations, management, marketing and sales, productivity and financial management, in addition to critical technology areas such as security and infrastructure. 2006 honorees were selected from nearly 300 entries and comprise four categories: Top 10, Finalists, Products to Watch and Products that Get the Job Done.

Congrats to Clicktracks! Keep up the good work.

New webanalytics videos

John Marshall , CEO of Clicktracks, continues its series of online video webanalytics classes. His newest class is about

cookies and it's role in webanalytics.

Marshall law

Here all the episodes:

The Episode Guide:
1. Why Analyze?
2: Intro to Web Analytics
3: Data Collection
4: Data Accuracy
5: Affecting Change with Analytics
6: Segmentation

If you are interested in these videos click here.

Free webinars: ClickTracks Live Overview

More free webinars: Entitled the ‘ClickTracks Live Overview’, the Webinars consist of online demonstrations of ClickTracks Web analytics products and services starting in January 2007. The Webinars cover everything from how to segment visitors to how to set up revenue tracking. The online demonstrations also give customers tips and insights on interpreting specific results and are the only Web analytics virtual tutorials of this nature. If you are interested sign up here.

ClickTracks Certification. How can I get it?

Louisville-based interactive agency LeapFrog Interactive is making a strategic push to further develop their expertise in search engine marketing. Already having certified three of only 233 Google™ Adwords Qualified advertising professionals in the United States, as well as four Yahoo!® Search Marketing Ambassadors, the LFI Interactive Marketing Team has recently completed certification in another leading analytics software: ClickTracks. I am also a "certified" Adwords professional and Yahoo ambassador, but how the hell can I get a certificate w. Clicktracks. Anybody an idea?