Blogrush stats - Would you keep it?

I've just checked the numbers for over-hyped Blogrush and I am not sure if I should keep the service up and running. Here are my current stats: Blogrush stats

Everybody can see that the CTR is extremely low and I doubt that with changing the colors (Blogrush Flavors) the widget drives more Clicks.

The Blogrush idea is not bad, but the Blogrush widget looks too much like an ad and most blogs run it in the lower right corner of the sidebar.

I highly doubt that CTR will significantly go up (even with all the little tricks) unless the widget becomes more and more customizable (e.g. like Adsense).

So not sure what to do right now. It slows down the site, it does not really drive a lot of traffic and I doubt that it gives much value to the readers of this blog . Would you keep Blogrush on your site?