Banner Visibility Duration Can Vary With A Factor 1 to 3

I’ve written before about Alenty in the “Revolutionizing Web Analytics” post a few months ago.

Alenty basically came up with a new way of measuring banner visibility, which contradicts the traditional way of measuring banners (CPM).

Today I saw that they kept testing their tool. The guys from Alenty embedded it into some banner campaigns in order to measure the banner visibility duration on different sites.

 The results are pretty amazing:  Banner Visibility time can vary with a factor 1 to 3!

 If everybody implements Alenty it is clear what this means for the Display Advertising industry:

Websites, which run their banners in a place with low visibility should get paid less. Vice versa banners in top-visibility areas should get paid more. 

I don’t want to call CPM deals dead yet, but the industry needs to implement new measurement techniques like Alenty’s tool.