Avinash Kaushik moves on

Today I did a little bit networking after work and met interesting search engine folks, including a few of the very friendly Searchenginewatch editors like german-speaking chief editor Rebecca Lieb and Kevin Newcomb, one of Searchenginewatch top editors.

Kevin reported today that Avinash Kaushik moved into the consulting world and supports the Google Analytics team as an Analytics Evangelist. He will not only educate the world about Google webanalytics, but also improve the Google Analytics tool evolution.
This is not only a slap in Google's competitors face smart move by Google, but also a great achievement by Avinash. He is certainly one of the best practicioners out there and I am truely happy for him. Hopefully Ian Thomas (M$) vs. Avinash Kaushik (Google) will be as funny as Matt Cutts (Google) vs. Jeremy Zawodny (Yahoo).