Interview With Woopra Web Analytics

Woopra the real-time web analytics solution with chat possibilities made some noise in the industry. It has been covered by me and other bloggers here, here, here or here. Finally someone made an interview with Woopra's John Pozadzides and some quotes are pretty interesting:

"How did you approach (or have you approached) competitive analysis for your market?

We have not completed a full competitive analysis comparing Woopra to the various legacy providers, mainly because we feel the benefits appear to jump out so easily as to hardly warrant the comparison. However some of the primary differentiators include the fact that Woopra is real-time, it’s more accurate, has a far richer graphical user interface, a desktop client that doesn’t require users to log in via a Web browser, and offers features not available anywhere else such as live Web chat, individual user tracking, and extensibility."

I guess a full benchmark comparison would be pretty impossible. Just have a look at our vendor database.

Woopra Web Analytics Enables Active Sales

I just had a look at Woopra beta - a new real-time web analytics solution currently in beta. It doesn't look much different than other web analytics solutions, but it has one very interesting feature, that could be very valuable: Instant Messaging with real-time visitors

Woopra enables you to engage your visitors by starting a conversation with them; a friendly popup will appear on the web page to establish the chat.

If I understood the system right, this chat can be launched to visitors directly out of the admin counsel, which could be really powerful.

Just imagine someone is browsing back and forth in the organic dog food section of your onlineshop and you could directly interact with the user and recommending them the best organic dogfood for their breed.

Also if someone gets stuck in the checkout process and active customer support rep could increase conversion by helping the visitor.

Also other features (API), that Woopra offers, look promising to me. I guess it's time for me to upgrade the web analytics vendor guide. We are probably heading towards 300 web analytics and web reporting tools.


(P.S. This post appeared about half an hour before Michael's post on Techcrunch. I highly doubt that Michael got it from here, but really strange, especially that I barely post compared to Techcrunch...)