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Microsoft Is Back In The Game

Oh my god: I have waited for this news for decades years and blogged about it before: Microsoft is testing a serious Adsense competitor. Here the email that Techcrunch published:

"Dear xxxxxx:

Thank you for your recent completion of the self-submission form on
the Microsoft adCenter site for this program. Below is more information
for you about the pilot. I can answer general questions you may have
about participation. Please let me know if you would like to proceed
and I can invite you formally on Monday July 21st to begin...."

Really great news. I've talked to an Microsoft Adcernter person at the Palms lounge one and a half years ago about the syndication network and I thought it never happened. I am convinced now that Microsoft will give Google a run for their money.

AdCenter Excel Plugin

Just saw that Adcenter Analytics (= Gatineau = Microsoft's Analytics solution) published a great Excel plugin, that let's you pull data directly into Excel. I haven't tested how much the Analytics part is integrated, but the screenshot below looks promising:


Ian, the head behind Microsoft Analytics commented that it is not a plugin for Analytics y, but they are looking into it.

Adcenter analytics

Kind of reminds me a little bit of the HBX Excel plugin (Reportbuilder).