6 Steps on how to bait links for your company

After last weeks headlines I re-name 2007 as the year of corporate linkbait. Who needs SEO, SEM or web analysts when your PR agency can handle everything at once. It always works after the same scheme, so here the four simple steps on how to bait links for your company: 1. Come up with a good headline E.g. [Your] Company in talks to acquire [competitor company],

e.g. Google in talks to aquire Amazon, Yahoo in talks to acquire Time Warner, News Corp. in talks to aquire Viacom, IAC in talks to aquire Ebay, MSN in talks to aquire IBM

2. Share your news with high profile reporters from the New York post, The Mirror (UK), Bild (Germany) or some other yellow press and industry related press/blogs...

3. Wait 2-3 days until the rumor makes its round

4. Deny the rumors and talk to some Wallstreet Journal, NY Times... editor. Additionally send out a press release. 5. Let the rumors flame up again

6. Analyze your successful linkbait and enjoy that your PR agency just made a boatload of money for you